Friday, May 27

No Matter What I Do, It's Not Right


Frustrated? When your loved one is impossible to deal with, it's not you - it's the dementia. Watch this 4-minute video to understand what's going on. Let Teepa Snow sharpen your caregiving skills.

Cranberries Improve Memory, Slow Dementia


Eating cranberries can improve memory, ward off dementia, and reduce 'bad' cholesterol. Learn how.

Thursday, May 26

Warning Signs of Alzheimer's with Examples


Want to easily tell the difference between normal-aging versus Alzheimer's-signals? Use these 3 clear examples for each of the well-known "10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's".

Move More, Lessen Dementia

GENES & EXERCISE: Want to lessen Alzheimer's risk? Research shows that physical exercise is as powerful as getting rid of an Alzheimer's gene. Get motivated by learning the difference it can make.

Wednesday, May 25

Caffeine Boosts Dementia-Fighting Enzyme


Caffeine increases the enzyme called NMNAT2 in the brain. This creates a chemical 'blockade' against dementia. Learn how caffeine and 23 other compounds can protect you.

Hypothyroidism & Dementia

A sizable study reveals good news about the possible connection between hypothyroidism and dementia.

Tuesday, May 24

15 Alzheimer's Communication Tips


Neurologist Dr. Gayatri Devi joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the challenges behind communicating with and caring for the more than five million Americans living with Alzheimer's.

Diagnosing Dementia: Alzheimer's May Really Be Mini-Strokes

MEMORY problems are too-quickly diagnosed as Alzheimer's. A more common memory-culprit may be vascular dementia, caused by stroke, mini-stroke and high blood pressure. Learn the differences and how the right diagnosis effects therapy and treatment.

Monday, May 23

How to Handle Frustrating People with Dementia


People with dementia can say, do and act in the most frustrating ways. Learn why it happens the way it does, how to take it, and what to do about it.

Morality, Social Bonds & Dementia

"Same ol' Jim!" When memory fades, relationships often stay strong. But when dementia seems to change moral traits, it becomes easy to fall into a relationship-destroying trap. Learn to protect those healthy social bonds.

Sunday, May 22

Vascular Dementia for Professional & Family Caregivers


This crystal-clear 20-minute UCLA seminar outlines key facts about Vascular Dementia. Learn what happens, how it compares to Alzheimer's, who it affects, as well as ways to treat and prevent it.

CTE Dementia, Unlike Alzheimer's, Can Be Definitively Diagnosed

DIAGNOSIS NEWS: CTE dementia can now be diagnosed with certainty. (CTE [Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy] is caused by blows to the head.) This differs from the clinical diagnosis for dementias such as Alzheimer's, which are based on a doctor's best judgement call of tests and interviews. Learn how doctors can be sure when it's CTE.