Monday, October 3

FDA Slams 58 Dangerous Alzheimer's Supplements


17 Alzheimer's supplement manufacturers received FDA warnings about 58 illegal below-standard products.

A Shrinking Fornix is the First Sign of Alzheimer's

The fornix is a small, wishbone-shaped structure deep inside the brain. It provides a person's earliest clues to future cognitive decline. Find out how much it can reveal long before memory loss or dementia appear.

Sunday, October 2

Eggs & Choline - Brain Healthy, Heart Risky


Eggs are one of the best sources of choline. In a new study, Biodesign researchers argue that a lifelong dietary regimen of choline holds the potential to prevent Alzheimer's. Learn about choline's potential to help the brain and why choline may be risky for the heart.

Communicating Pain in Dementia

A British study has found the brain's core for the "it hurts" experience. Think of what this could do for people with limited communication abilities, such as people with dementia.

Friday, September 30

What Mom & I Did Together Through Dementia


Artist Tony Luciani was testing out a new camera when his 91-year-old mother with dementia, Elia, snuck into the background of his photos. The spontaneous images that resulted sparked a years-long collaboration, with Luciani documenting his mom's life and spirit. They journeyed together brilliantly, despite memory and cognitive loss. In this touching talk, he shares the stories behind some of their favorite shots, capturing the joy and grief of caring for an aging parent.

Singer Jay Allen Says Music 'Woke Up' Mom with Alzheimer's


Country singer Jay Allen, a contestant on NBC's The Voice, says music helped "wake up" his mom, who had early onset Alzheimer's. Watch now.

Thursday, September 29

Superstars Share Alzheimer's Stories


From Springsteen to Paisley and Kathy Mattea, musicians share personal experiences of seeing family members fight Alzheimer's.

What is Epigenomics? How Does It Affect Alzheimer's?

Epigenomics enables us to nurture what our genes do through the way we live. Find out how MIT researchers are mastering epigenomics to beat Alzheimer's.

Wednesday, September 28

For First Time in 35 Years, Pianist with Dementia Forms New Band


A 93-year-old jazz pianist suffering from dementia and depression was given a new lease of life when his care home discovered his talent.

Felodipine, FDA-Approved for Blood Pressure, Shows Promise in Dementia

OFF-LABEL: An approved prescription drug for high blood pressure is showing promise against Parkinson's, Huntington's and other forms of dementia, in experimental studies in the lab.

Tuesday, September 27

Mushrooms And Memory


Ergothioneine (ET) from mushrooms has been associated with brain health for years. In a six-year study, seniors consuming 300 grams of mushrooms weekly had 50% less risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI, often referred to as pre-dementia). Get the facts about this correlation.

Can a Herpes Treatment Cut Alzheimer's in Half?

Most people are infected by Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV1) by the time they reach old age. New evidence shows that on top of cold sores, it can also cause Alzheimer's -- and that the antiviral drugs which fight it drastically reduce risk of dementia. Learn how this raises the tantalizing prospect of a simple, effective, preventive Alzheimer's treatment.