Tuesday, January 25

Fooling the Doctor: Cognitive-Reserve Hides Alzheimer's


Don Hayen is a retired doctor, diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 71. But that diagnosis took way too long. Find out how his "cognitive reserve" fooled his doctors. See why he sure wished it hadn't.

Dementia & Osteoporosis - One Drug for Both

MEDICATION: The most common drug for Alzheimer's also increases bone mass in mice. Find out what this means for people with dementia in fear of bone fractures, as well as conditions like osteoporosis or periodontitis.

Monday, January 24

What to Expect from Dementia's Brain Changes


Teepa Snow explains what to expect as dementia takes over the brain. Learn how our fascinating brains work and affect our behavior.

5-Minute Pen & Paper Dementia Test

DIAGNOSIS: A quick and effective dementia test is available from Florida Atlantic University. The 3 to 5 minute test produces results comparable to "gold standard" dementia tests used by clinicians today. Find out more.

Sunday, January 23

Nanosilver Warning

Alzheimer's is characterized by an overproduction of free radicals in cells. That's why incredibly tiny "nanoparticles" of silver, found in supplements, cosmetics and food packaging, worry scientists. Hear their concerns, as well as products to avoid.

Friday, January 21

What is Vascular Dementia?

Vascular dementia is one of the 3 leading causes of dementia. When it appears together with Alzheimer's, as it often does, it is called "Mixed dementia". Learn what causes it and how to identify different types.

Higher Consumption of Olive Oil Significantly Lowers Neurodegenerative Risk


Using olive oil instead of mayonnaise, margarine and dairy fat such as butter can reduce your risk of developing a neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer's by as much as 29 percent, according to a 28-year longitudinal study at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Learn more.

Thursday, January 20

16 Years Before Alzheimer's, Blood Test Detects Symptoms


A simple experimental blood test reliably detects signs of brain damage in people on the path to developing Alzheimer’s – long before they show signs of confusion and memory loss.

Oral Health for Older Adults

A GREAT DENTAL resource provides low-cost programs for American seniors. Also check out the website's free “how to” guide for communities.

Wednesday, January 19

A Grandchild for One Day Keeps Dementia Away


An intriguing study of 120 grandmothers might surprise you. Doctors know socially engaged people have better cognition and less dementia. But can a person get too much of a good thing? What's the right balance?

Olive Oil & Lettuce Protect Brain from Vascular Dementia

DIET & NUTRITION: A diet that combines unsaturated fats with nitrite-rich vegetables, such as olive oil and lettuce, can protect you from hypertension and vascular dementia. Learn which foods are helpful and why.

Tuesday, January 18

Caring for Vascular Dementia


Vascular dementia poses unique challenges to caregivers. Learn how vascular dementia differs from Alzheimer's. See how to make life better, both for you and the one for whom you care.