Thursday, August 13

Finding Joy in Alzheimer's Care


People with dementia and their care partners can experience joy, humor and connection. Since there's no cure, the best solution is great care. See how to set a high bar with empathy, patience and fun.

Fish Oil & Improvements in Cognitive Decline & Brain Shrinkage

DIET & NUTRITION: ADNI (The Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative) is one of the world's largest Alzheimer's research projects. Learn from them how fish oil supplements relates to improvements in cognitive decline and brain atrophy. What they found is worth knowing.

Wednesday, August 12

5-Minute Brain-Wakeup Exercise from the Memory Foundation


Studies show this 5-minute workout wakes up your brain cells by exercising the important muscles in your body. Rated as one of the best exercises for the 50+ age group, this series is low-impact and highly effective. Go ahead, it's easy!

Sunlight Lightens Vascular Dementia

Sunny sunflower
Sunlight improves vascular health. That's good for your heart. Discover the good things it does for your brain.

Tuesday, August 11

Teepa's Tips to Prevent the Caregiver from Getting Alzheimer's


TEEPA SNOW shares ways to prevent and fight Alzheimer's. See proven techniques associated with lowering the risk of dementia and improving brain health.

Lewy Who?


Lewy body dementia (LBD) is a complex, challenging and surprisingly common type of dementia. It is often misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's which can lead to devastating results. Learn why. Find out the key differences.

Monday, August 10

The Alzheimer's Research Horizon


A new era in Alzheimer’s research is dawning that suggests we are the cusp of a cure. Watch BBC's full program.

You're Not Getting Alzheimer's; You Just Know So Much

DOES AGE LEAD to deterioration of brain function, or do older brains just take longer to process ever increasing amounts of knowledge? The latest research may surprise you.

Sunday, August 9

Alzheimer's Lesson 1: Love is Ever Evolving


When a ski trip is delayed for a quick visit to a Mom with Alzheimer's, one precious moment sheds light on everything.

9 Tips for Coping with Agitation and Aggression

MOODINESS: As Alzheimer's progresses, people may become more agitated or aggressive. Check out 9 tips for handling it.

Flu & Pneumonia Vaccine Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer's

Did you get your flu shot? Doing that and following your doctor's advice to get a vaccination for pneumonia can significantly cut your risk of Alzheimer's, according to exciting research reported at the 2020 Alzheimer's Association International Conference. Read on to find out more.

This Test Detects Alzheimer's 20 Years Early

DIAGNOSIS NEWS: Scientists at Lund University are working on a new blood test that not only can diagnose Alzheimer's already in progress, but in persons at known genetic risk can also detect the disease as early as 20 years before the onset of cognitive impairment. Learn more.