Tuesday, May 21

What Dementia Cannot Smell


Dementia dangerously alters a person's sense of smell. Teepa Snow brings to light what people with dementia smell - and what they don't. Learn to prevent hazards and frustrations.

Talk to Kids About Alzheimer's


YOUNG CHILDREN may find Alzheimer's scary or confusing. An older loved one like Grandma or Grandpa may seem different. Watch these Alzheimer's Association tips on how to talk to your kids about Alzheimer's.

P.A.R.T. Dementia is Alzheimer's without the Plaque

DIAGNOSING DEMENTIA: Find out how people diagnosed with Alzheimer's may lack Alzheimer's plaques and actually have P.A.R.T. Dementia. (That is, Primary Age-Related Tauopathy, or PART for short). Learn why this matters in treatment & research.

Monday, May 20

10 Signs of Alzheimer's Vs. Regular Aging


Too much worrying about getting Alzheimer's results in stress. That ups the risk of Alzheimer's. Get a good balance. Learn the difference between a change that is a warning sign versus a change that simply means a person is aging nicely.

I May Be Forgetful


This pleasant poem highlights how people living with dementia may be feeling. It shows how we can help them stay connected and continue to feel valued and loved. Enjoy!

5 Communication Tips for Dementia Caregivers


Good communication is critical when families and friends get together. Connecting to people with dementia may be difficult. Check out these 5 helpful communication tips and books.

Sunday, May 19

Citizen App Rescues Wandering Woman with Dementia


See how one woman used the "CITIZEN" app to help save a stranger suffering from dementia. CBS2's Ali Bauman reports.

Suvorexant Improves Sleep in Alzheimer's

AlzForum reports new Alzheimer's results for FDA-Approved insomnia drug suvorexant (Belsomra®). Half of people with Alzheimer's don't sleep well, exacerbating a variety of problems. Learn about this drug's effectiveness and safety in dementia.

How To Dementia-Proof Your Home


LIVING WITH DEMENTIA? if you are planning home improvements you may want to consider dementia-proofing at the same time. Here are good ideas from England's "The Times".

Friday, May 17

Neuropsychological Test Beats MRI at Tracking Dementia

DIAGNOSIS: Doctors routinely diagnose and track dementia. "Neuropsychological tests" are non-invasive, using interviews or paper/pen tests. More invasive diagnostics include powerful MRI and PET scans. Learn about the advantages of neuropsychological tests over MRI scans.

10 Insights into Duty, Burden & Alzheimer's Caregiving


Is caregiving an honor or a burden? A great call-of-duty or a heavy sense of obligation? Does it really matter? See research into Latino culture provide 10 inspirational answers.

A Morning Music Lift Lasts All Day in Alzheimer's


MUSIC IN DEMENTIA - VIDEO: Learn about 'personalized music for dementia' and its powerful effect on Alzheimer's. See the Director of the hit film, 'Alive Inside', on the dementia-impact of music.