Tuesday, December 10

How to Persuade an Alzheimer's Driver


Watch Teepa Snow demonstrate respectful, compassionate ways to help someone with Alzheimer's to stop wanting to drive.

Low-Salt Diet Improves Thinking by Lowering Alzheimer's Tau

A low-salt diet may help prevent, or at least delay, the development of Alzheimer’s, according to a new study in mice from Weill Cornell Medicine researchers.

Medicine & Myth: What Causes Alzheimer's and What Doesn't


Which of these cause Alzheimer's:
1) Flu shots?
2) Aluminum?
3) Statin drugs?
See the latest research.

Helping People with Dementia Stay Physically Active

ACTIVITIES FOR ANY DAY - 6 HEALTHY TIPS to help you stay active with Alzheimer's, along with physical activities to do.

Monday, December 9

Is Sleep a Missing Piece in the Alzheimer's Puzzle?


The link between sleep, beta-amyloid and Alzheimer's is increasingly clear. Beta-amyloid deposition leads to a vicious cycle - it disturbs sleep and impairs memory, which trigger further deposition. Learn what it means for lowering Alzheimer's risk and improving sleep habits.

Skiing Cuts Vascular Dementia Risk in Half

VASCULAR DEMENTIA: SKIERS are 50% less likely to develop vascular dementia, half as likely to be depressed, and if Parkinson’s strike, it's very delayed – despite pathological changes in the brain. Learn more.

6 Elder Tips to Prepare for a Disaster


People with dementia can be especially vulnerable during natural disasters and extreme weather. Read and share this infographic for 6 things to do now to make sure you are prepared for a disaster.

Easy RUDAS Dementia Test


The RUDAS Dementia Test is brief, effective and free. It works well for most people. (It performs even better than other quick tests for people with cultural barriers, low education levels, or when English is not one's first language.)

Sunday, December 8

Virtual Dementia Tour's Patent

Woman putting goggles and headphones on caregiverVIDEO & ARTICLE:

500,000 family and professional caregivers have experienced The Virtual Dementia Tour®. It simulates Alzheimer's for caregivers. It boosts their level of care and motivation. See how it works.

Friday, December 6

Open Your Eyes & Tell Me What You See


16-year old Harry wrote a marvelous song to his Grandma with Alzheimer's. It will move you. See him play this beautiful song for an appreciative "Britain's Got Talent" audience.

Thursday, December 5

Lewy Body Rollercoaster

UP & DOWN: Attention, alertness and cognition have dramatic fluctuations in Lewy Body dementia. Caregivers call these ups and downs "The Roller-Coaster of LBD." Learn more about it and where to get essential support.

Alzheimer's and the iPOD - It's Magic


SONGS hold powerful memories and are one of the best dementia therapies. See how one home is realizing the potential of music to treat Alzheimer's.