Sunday, August 19

10 Signs of Alzheimer's Vs. Regular Aging


Too much worrying about getting Alzheimer's results in stress. That ups the risk of Alzheimer's. Get a good balance. Learn the difference between a change that is a warning sign versus a change that simply means a person is aging nicely.

Ultrasound Gets Medicine into Alzheimer's Brains


A handful of Alzheimer's patients signed up for a bold experiment: They let scientists beam sound waves into the brain to temporarily jiggle an opening in its protective shield, called the "Blood-Brain Barrier". This is how it works.

Friday, August 17

5 Communication Tips for Dementia Caregivers


Good communication is critical when families and friends get together. Communicating may be difficult between people with memory-loss and their loved ones. Check out these 5 helpful communication tips and books.

Talk to Kids About Alzheimer's


YOUNG CHILDREN may find Alzheimer's scary or confusing. An older loved one like Grandma or Grandpa may seem different. Watch these Alzheimer's Association tips on how to talk to your kids about Alzheimer's.

Thursday, August 16

Alzheimer's Now, by Mayo Clinic 101

Cover of Mayo Clinic Guide to Alzheimer's Disease VIDEO:

Today's Alzheimer's essentials are covered in this information-packed 2-minute video. Watch this quick refresher, based on the famous Mayo Clinic Guide to Alzheimer's Disease, from one of the world's top research hospitals.

300 Tips for Making Life Easier in Alzheimer's Care


If you plan to care for your loved one at home for as long as possible, this book is very helpful. Learn how their abilities change over the course of the journey. Get a lot of very practical suggestions on how to compensate as the different abilities are lost. Full of practical ideas and advice, "300 Tips" addresses each stage of Alzheimer's and its many features. A clear, quick, remarkably comprehensive read.


Wednesday, August 15

Memantine Improves Lewy Body Dementia & Parkinson's

Namenda / Memantine (Photo: Forrest Pharmaceutical)

Memantine (Namenda / Ebixa) is FDA-approved for Alzheimer's. Learn about research showing it significantly improves memory and attention in Lewy Body Disease, Parkinson's and various types of dementia.

What Does Living with Alzheimer's Feel Like?


Few movies and books capture the Alzheimer's experience like Dr. Lisa Genova's "Still Alice." See Lisa describe how "Still Alice" is helping families stay connected while living with Alzheimer's.

Worried About a Driver with Alzheimer's? Check These 5 Warning Signs


In this dashcam video, a man with dementia zooms his BMW towards police at highway speed. Often, they don't realize the danger. A caregiver or friend usually notices safety hazards first. Check out these warning signs, along with helpful checklists.

Tuesday, August 14

What Dementia Cannot Smell


Dementia dangerously alters a person's sense of smell. Teepa Snow brings to light what people with dementia smell - and what they don't. Learn to prevent hazards and frustrations.

4 Advantages of an Early Diagnosis

50% of dementia cases go undiagnosed or get misdiagnosed. Precious time is lost. Early care and support can make a tremendous difference and keep life from unraveling. Learn 4 advantages of an early diagnosis.

Monday, August 13

P.A.R.T. Dementia is Alzheimer's without the Plaque

DIAGNOSING DEMENTIA: Find out how people diagnosed with Alzheimer's may lack Alzheimer's plaques and actually have P.A.R.T. Dementia. (That is, Primary Age-Related Tauopathy, or PART for short). Learn why this matters in treatment & research.