Monday, September 27

Dreaming Phase in Sleep Refreshes the Brain


Sleep is super important for the brain, but researchers have also discovered that blood flow in the brain capillaries is increased during the rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep phase, when people dream. Learn more.

Friday, September 24

Why Visit When Memory is Gone


Dementia-Friends-Champion Natalie talks through the ‘bookcase analogy’. Understand the way dementia affects a person and why visits are so important to them.

Thursday, September 23

"I Want to Go Home" Dementia Tip


What do you do when someone with dementia insists on going home, again and again? Watch Teepa Snow do it with style, in yet another great care video.

Testing for Alzheimer's by Checking Your Pupils

HOW QUICKLY your pupil dilates during cognitive tests can offer a low-cost, low-invasive screen for Alzheimer's -- even before the earliest signs. Learn how it works and why it can make a big difference.

Wednesday, September 22

Chocolate and the Fight Against Vascular Dementia


Cocoa's flavanol phytonutrients, without the sugar and fat, improves arterial function. That's a great way to fight strokes and atherosclerosis, common triggers of vascular dementia. Does that make chocolate a health food? See NutritionFacts.org tease out the research.

DICE Method Helps Handling Agitation & Aggression in Dementia


A creative technique called "DICE" empowers caregivers, patients & professionals to work together and reduce dementia's behavioral problems. Learn how it can help cut antipsychotic drugs and make life easier for everyone.

Tuesday, September 21

4 Ways to Prevent Memory Loss in the Hospital ICU


Preventable Alzheimer’s-like symptoms seem to develop in many hospital patients, according to a large Intensive Care Unit study. See doctors discuss where it tends to happen and how to fight this problem. Learn 4 ways to prevent it.

Easy Upgrades Liven Up Dementia Home


See how Muskoka Shores is livening up their Dementia-home in 4 low-cost stages. Learn simple ways to turn a dull care home into a bright, dynamic, village-like place to live.

Monday, September 20

Why Mediterranean Diets REALLY Matter in Alzheimer's


There’s been an explosion of research on the Mediterranean diet recently. Higher adherence to this diet is clearly associated with less risk of getting Alzheimer's, as well as lower mortality for people who already have Alzheimer's. Get the facts.

Planning Your Future After a Dementia Diagnosis


Although it is hard to think beyond "today" after a diagnosis of dementia, it's really important to look ahead. Taking steps to plan for the future will make "tomorrow" smoother.

Sunday, September 19

Butterfly Project Enlivens Dementia Care


Watch this transformation of the Redstone dementia unit. Peel Region took a risk, with a plan to transform the Redstone long-term care home, hoping that residents - and staff - could find joy and a purpose. See the eye-opening success!

Sandwiched Between Kids & Alzheimer's - 5 Tips

"SANDWICH GENERATION CAREGIVERS" live sandwiched between their kids and their Alzheimer's parent. All the new activity can add to an already hectic schedule. 5 tips can help keep the balance.