Friday, March 22

Best of 4 Alzheimer's Drugs

MEDICATION: See safety and effectiveness rankings for four Alzheimer's drugs. Ranked on concentration, memory, alertness and mood, learn what the researchers found.

Thursday, March 21

SAGE Pen & Paper Alzheimer's Test


Problems with memory or thinking? Check out this simple, written exam from Ohio State University Medical Center. Find out what made this outstanding test go viral.

When Ted Sings, Millions Listen, Alzheimer's & All


Ted is better known as the Songaminute Man. He also has dementia. Watch this wonderful sampling of his songs, along with a one-of-a-kind interview on BBC's "The One Show".

What is MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment)?


Worried about memory? Many people notice serious memory and thinking slips, though the problems don't get in the way of day-to-day life. Is it pre-dementia? To understand what's going on, see Emory University explain what doctors call "MCI".

Wednesday, March 20

Sundowning Care from Sunset 'til Sunrise


For 12 years, a special program called "Dusk 'Til Dawn" has been successfully fighting sundowning. "Sundowning" means people with dementia act agitated and restless towards the end of the day. See this special program in action.

Designing Rooms for Dementia


Dementia design improves the independence of people with dementia. This online book is available at no charge. Learn dozens of clever design tips that can make a world of difference.

Tuesday, March 19

Giving Choices in Mid / Late Stage Alzheimer's


Care tips for communicating and living with a person as they progress to more advanced stages of dementia.

Why Aren't More People Taking Aspirin to Prevent Vascular Dementia?

PEOPLE ELIGIBLE to take aspirin to prevent vascular dementia, stroke and heart attack usually don't. That's because their doctors don't say anything. Learn why.

Alzheimer's Misdiagnosis # 5: Lyme Disease


Country music legend Kris Kristofferson was once diagnosed with Alzheimer's. After memory loss ruined his career, it turned out he was misdiagnosed. He really had Lyme disease. After treatment, his memory was mostly back. Learn about his remarkable recovery and the signs to look for.

Monday, March 18

Memory Problems & Sleep - 6 Tips

SLEEP & HEALTH: Find out six ways to get a good night's sleep.

8 Ways Caregivers Care for Themselves


Caring for dementia can cause caregiver burnout, endangering both patient & caregiver. Learn 8 ways to prevent it and better care for yourself. Get a free NIH Caregiver Handbook (104 pages).

WNT Signaling May Explain Low Rates of Cancer in Alzheimer's

RESEARCH has long shown that patients with cancer are at reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's, and vice versa. What wasn't known is that Wnt signaling was involved in that link. Learn how.