Thursday, January 14

SAGE Pen & Paper Alzheimer's Test


Problems with memory or thinking? Check out this simple, written exam from Ohio State University Medical Center. Find out what made this outstanding test go viral.

Emergency Room "Paradise" Heals Dementia's Delirium


Safe hospital stays with dementia should focus on preventing the all-too-common side-effects of delirium. See a special ER for seniors, equipped with brilliant features that speed comfort and care to this population.

Saunas Connected to Significant Protection Against Dementia


Going to a sauna 4-7 times a week, as opposed to once a week, lowered Alzheimer's risk 65% in a 20-year Finnish study. Learn more.

Forgetfulness Might Depend On Time of Day

MEMORY: Can't remember something? Try waiting until later in the day. Researchers have identified a gene in mice that seems to influence memory recall at different times of day.

Wednesday, January 13

China Approves Seaweed Sugar as Alzheimer's Drug


Chinese researchers are now using seaweed sugar to tackle Alzheimer’s. Read on to learn how Oligomannate, the first treatment approved for the disease since 2003, improves cognitive function in mild to moderate Alzheimer's.

Seniors Avoid Memory Tests

DIAGNOSIS: Many seniors know their memory and thinking abilities have gone downhill. They also know Medicare offers free cognitive tests. Yet 50% of these seniors won't take one. Find out why they don't and why they should.

Monday, January 11

Giving Choices in Mid / Late Stage Alzheimer's


Care tips for communicating and living with a person as they progress to more advanced stages of dementia.

6 Ways Seniors Stay Warmer in Winter


Older adults can be particularly vulnerable in cold weather. Here are six ways to stay warm & comfortable during the winter months.

Treating Dementia with Coconut Oil

DIET VIDEO: The jury is out on coconut oil for dementia. Many institutions remain skeptical, while others cautiously review clinical trials. In the meantime, people who don't have time to wait are asking about it. Here's a practical video based on the current literature. (This video does not contain medical advice. Always ask your doctor before using coconut oil for dementia.)

Cognitive Boost for Dementia with Lewy Bodies

GOOD NEWS: Donepezil (Aricept®), approved for Alzheimer's, also passed a long-term trial for Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB). Get the details on the medicine's positive results.

Sunday, January 10

Why Each Alzheimer's Patient is Different

DIAGNOSIS & RESEARCH: Spend time with Alzheimer's patients and you quickly learn, "If you met one person with Alzheimer's, you met one person with Alzheimer's." Each patient's journey is unique. Researchers have uncovered one reason why: Memories are like fingerprints. Learn how the brain creates "memory fingerprints" and how this may lead to new, better Alzheimer's treatments.

Wine, Cheese, Lamb & Memory?

DIET & RESEARCH: Diet modifications, including more wine and cheese, may help reduce cognitive decline, a study suggests.