April 23, 2014

Life Magazine: The Original Picture Puzzle

Life Magazine: The Original Picture Puzzle

The Editors of Life Magazine put together this book of original picture puzzles. The variety of brain teasers make this a perfect gift for people living with dementia. With four levels, there are challenges for experts and novices alike. No one will ever feel under-challenged or over-challenged. Even caregivers and the rest of the family can join in the fun.


April 22, 2014

F18 Alzheimer's Scan Delivers Better Prescriptions & Fewer Tests

18F flrobetapir PET scan for Alzheimer's

Learn how 87% of patients receiving an F18 scan received at least one change in their treatment plan.

April 21, 2014

How to See Pain when Dementia Blocks Communication


Watch Teepa Snow demonstrate how to detect pain in a person with dementia and how you can help them.

April 20, 2014

Thought of the Week: Love Grows

PHOTO WITH QUOTE: Love grows by giving. The love we give is the only love we keep. (Green Hubbard)
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3D Models Explain Alzheimer's Progression


Watch this amazing scientific film on Alzheimer's. It uses 3D modeling to explain the inner brain mechanisms that trigger the symptoms of dementia.

Harvard's Dr. Tanzi on Alzheimer's Risk & Prevention


Harvard's Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, one of the world's best-known Alzheimer's researchers, explores what we know about lowering the risk of Alzheimer's. Topics include turmeric, vegetarianism, coconut oil and what he actually applies to his own daily life.

DICE Method Helps Handling Agitation & Aggression in Dementia

A new technique called "DICE" empowers caregivers, patients & health providers to work together to reduce behavioral problems in people with dementia. Learn how it can reduce the use of antipsychotic drugs and make life easier for everyone.

Off-The-Shelf Technologies That Assist People with Dementia


Home computers and other easy-to-get devices can make such a difference in the life of people with dementia. Watch this video for some down-to-earth practical examples.

FREE BOOK: Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease: What Do We Know?


Get this 28-page booklet with the latest U.S. NIA research on preventing Alzheimer's dementia. It includes tips from physical exercise & diet to social engagement & cognitive training. Find out how to stay healthy as you grow older.