Sunday, April 18

Coffee and Memory


See the memory-impact of your caffeinated "morning routine". Learn the real effects of coffee on the brain, from Johns Hopkins University.

Alzheimer's Misdiagnosis with Psychosis

DIAGNOSING DEMENTIA: In Alzheimer's, people with psychosis -- including delusions and hallucinations -- are five times more likely to be misdiagnosed with dementia with Lewy bodies. Find out why, and how to help your doctor arrive at the right diagnosis.

Saturday, April 17

Growing Evidence Aluminum Adds to Development of Alzheimer's

DIET & HYGIENE: Researchers find growing evidence that aluminum, a common additive in anti-perspirants, contributes to the development of Alzheimer's. Find out more.

5 Tips to Ease Sundowning in Dementia

VIDEO ON SUNDOWNING: See how the UCLA Dementia Care Program deals with end-of-day agitation and irritability, known as "Sundowning". A caregiver asks, "My loved one's behavior tends to get worse when the sun starts to go down. He appears exhausted and restless. What can I do to get him through this time of the day?"

Scam Protection for People with Dementia


We've all heard stories of crooks taking advantage of people with Alzheimer's. See how to protect people with dementia from scammers.

Thursday, April 15

Redesigning a Home for Dementia Care


Good ideas in home design can make a world of difference when caring for people with dementia. See this video packed with great examples and insights.

5 Communication Tips for Dementia Caregivers

TALKING TO PEOPLE WITH DEMENTIA IS VITAL when families and friends get together. Connecting may be difficult. Check out these 5 handy communication tips and books.

Helping a Person with Dementia to Clean Their Teeth


Tooth brushing in dementia can involve a number of tricky details. Anticipating needs is all it takes to make it easy to brush teeth. See dozens of tips to help people with dementia keep their mouth, breath and teeth clean and fresh.

Exercise Your Brain to Keep Your Body Healthy

HUGE STUDY: Swiss researchers find it's important to exercise your brain to keep your body fit after age 50. Their findings show that cognitive abilities ward off inactivity much more than physical activity prevents the decline in cognitive abilities. "By working on cognitive capacities, physical activity will follow." Learn more.

Tuesday, April 13

UCLA: Memory-Mood Boosted by Curcumin Despite Aging


Turmeric spice contains curcumin. In a new UCLA study, curcumin significantly improved memory and mildly improved mood in people with memory problems.

Alzheimer's Now, by Mayo Clinic 101

Cover of Mayo Clinic Guide to Alzheimer's Disease VIDEO:

Today's Alzheimer's essentials are covered in this information-packed 2-minute video. Watch this quick refresher, based on the famous Mayo Clinic Guide to Alzheimer's Disease, from one of the world's top research hospitals.

Monday, April 12

Alzheimer's in 6 Stages - Teepa Snow


Learn about Alzheimer's various stages. Teepa Snow shows what to expect, while keeping the focus on the person for whom you care.