August 21, 2014

Remember Me as Loving You Pillow

All I want is for you to forever remember me as loving you.

This soft and durable throw pillow is the perfect accent for any room. Tailored with colored piping around the edges, this custom lumbar canvas pillow adds personalized style. Or take a look at this thought on dozens of other gift ideas.


August 20, 2014

Nanosilver Warning

Alzheimer's is characterized by the fact that there is an overproduction of free radicals in cells. That's why incredibly tiny "nanoparticles" of silver, found in dietary supplements, cosmetics and food packaging, now worry scientists. Get the details on their concerns and products you may want to avoid.

Dementia-Safe Bedrooms

Bed alarm

Prevention begins with safety in your home. Use this checklist to be alert to potential hazards and to record any changes you need to make. Browse these bedroom-safety products  by clicking on their descriptions or at local stores.

August 18, 2014

Lighting & Security Help Make Dementia Easier


See how improvements to lighting and color help ease living with dementia at home. Watch these security tips for keeping a loved one with Alzheimer's safe.

25% Drop in Dementia Offers New Optimism

25 percent

Good news from England: “Dementia rates fall as public health improves.” Learn about Cambridge University's authoritative study based on 20 years of British research.

August 17, 2014

Thought of the Week: Ripple of Kindness

Drop of water causing a ripple, with the thought, "Remember, there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."

Alzheimer's Drugs: More Than Memory


Alzheimer's medications may improve memory. Even more beneficial is the way they help with other, key behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer's. For details, watch this video from the University of California at San Francisco.

Can Knocking Out Alzheimer's APOe Gene Knock Out Alzheimer's?

When geneticists think of Alzheimer's, the first gene that comes to mind is APOe. Can its effect be stopped or at least dampened? The recent discovery of a man without the gene may hold the key to a sizable breakthrough.

Alzheimer's Changes a Marriage


Ron, an individual living with Alzheimer's, talks about the impact of Alzheimer's disease on his relationship with his wife and care partner.

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