Tuesday, December 18

Detecting Pain Despite Dementia


Watch Teepa Snow demonstrate how to detect pain in a person with dementia. See how you can help them.

Joyful Holidays Despite Dementia


This season is a time filled with family and friends, laughter and reminiscing. Learn ways to prevent dementia's stress, frustration, and loneliness. Fill the holiday with joy.

Sunlight Lightens Vascular Dementia

Sunny sunflower
Sunlight improves vascular health. That's good for your heart. Discover the good things it does for your brain.

Monday, December 17

Treating Dementia with Lewy Bodies


Everything you wanted to know about treating dementia with Lewy Bodies, in clear terms, by leading expert Dr. Geoff Kerchner, MD, PhD, Neurologist and Neuroscientist at Stanford's Center for Memory Disorders.

3 Ways to Talk to Dementia


In Alzheimer's, talking to a loved one can be very frustrating. Here are 3 tips that can help.

Sunday, December 16

Finding Joy in Alzheimer's Care


People with dementia and their care partners can experience joy, humor and connection. Since there's no cure, the best solution is great care. See how to set a high bar with empathy, patience and fun.

The Gifts of Giving when Living with Alzheimer's


Memory problems bring many surprises. It's nice when that surprise is a gift.

Feelings still matter. People with Alzheimer's lose many abilities, but what they don't lose is the capacity for feeling.
What once was a gift may no longer be right; what was never a gift may suddenly have become the greatest one.

Coffee's Phenylindanes Fight Alzheimer's Plaque


Roasting coffee beans produces Phenylindanes. Phenylindanes uniquely prevent – or rather, inhibit – both tau and beta amyloid plaque, the two big culprits behind Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Learn how they impact cognitive decline.

How Reliable are Fast Dementia-Tests?


Quick tests to diagnose or screen dementia may often be wrong. The tests, called "Brief Cognitive Assessments", help doctors, but sometimes hurt patients and even health care systems. Learn how far you should rely on them.

You're Not Getting Alzheimer's; You Just Know So Much

DOES AGE LEAD to deterioration of brain function, or do older brains just take longer to process ever increasing amounts of knowledge? The latest research may surprise you.

Friday, December 14

Visiting People with Dementia on Holidays


Celebrating at home or planning a visit? These important dementia-care tips can help make your holiday season the best possible.

Thursday, December 13

Echo Show - Drop In on People with Dementia

VIDEO & CUSTOMER REVIEWS: Mom is now almost 95 and she has short term memory dementia, she's in great spirits but I really can't teach her anything technical, like dialing a phone or even pressing a memory dial button. She lives near my sister and is 2 hours away so visiting is always a bit of a project. I thought I'd try setting Amazon's ECHO-SHOW next to her rocking chair. I can now "Drop-in" on her every day and share some face time with her, visit with her grand daughter, see the dog whom she LOVES, and just make her smile. The beauty is that there is...