Wednesday, January 17

5 Questions To Ask the Doctor About Alzheimer's


Take an active roll in managing Alzheimer's. Have an open conversation with your doctor. See 5 questions to ask and which answers to get before your next visit.

Tuesday, January 16

De-escalating Distress in Dementia


Agitation, anxiety and aggressive-behavior can be hard for Alzheimer's caregivers to handle. Watch Teepa Snow walk through a 10-step process to de-escalate these distressing encounters.

Animation Explores Alzheimer's in the Brain


Associated Press Digital Products takes you on a journey inside the brain. Explore the latest scientific theories on the changes that contribute to Alzheimer's. See how healthy nerve cells are affected by Alzheimer's plaques and tangles, and what scientists are up against in their fight for a healthy brain.

Monday, January 15

Ronald Reagan & Alzheimer's - Just the Facts

PRESIDENT REAGAN'S winning vote margins were massive, among the biggest in American history. Is there truth to the notion of Ronald Reagan having Alzheimer's during his presidency?

Blueberry Vinegar Boosts Memory in Lab

DIET & NUTRITION: Blueberry vinegar may fight dementia by improving cognitive function. Learn about improvements to short-term memory in the lab as reported in The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

DICE Method Helps Handling Agitation & Aggression in Dementia


An innovative technique called "DICE" empowers caregivers, patients & professionals to work together and reduce dementia's behavioral problems. Learn how it can help cut antipsychotic drugs and make life easier for everyone.

Easy Dementia Test


Doctors have a better chance of treating Alzheimer's if it is caught early. CBS NEWS Dr. Max Gomez reports on a simple at-home test. Watch how it spots telltale problems sooner. Download the test and see how it works.

Sunday, January 14

Where've You Been?


When Kathy Mattea first sang, "Where've You Been", she wondered to herself, "Do people want to hear this on the way to work?" To her surprise, radio stations could not play it often enough, as the song struck a deep chord in millions of people. It became the world's 1st song about dementia to top pop-music charts. It won Song of the Year at the Grammys, CMAs and ACMs.
Watch the Music Video, Lyrics & How The Song Came to Be:

Friday, January 12

Dementia Drugs Slow Heart Rate, Provoke Fainting

A box of Aricept Memory drugs for Alzheimer's cause slower heart rates and even fainting. The magnitude of these risks are not always made clear to patients. Learn about side-effects, avoiding a pacemaker and injuries from falls.

Thursday, January 11

Harvard's Dr. Tanzi on Preventing Alzheimer's


Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D., the head of the Alzheimer's Genome Project, says there are some things you can do to help reduce Alzheimer's risk and protect your brain. He spoke with CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook.