Friday, October 19

The Reel Truth: Senior's Home Abuse Caught on Camera


How trustworthy are care facilities? While care professionals tend to be outstanding, self-sacrificing, hard-working and compassionate, even one careless moment can quickly snowball into elder abuse. Watch this true story.

Thursday, October 18

4 Doctors on Caregiver Burnout


Caregiving takes a real toll physically, emotionally and financially. 4 doctors & 3 authors offer tips on caring for caregivers.

Treating Dementia with Coconut Oil

DIET VIDEO: Coconut oil for dementia is a health food that some doctors say may help. See good ways to make best use of today's available research. (This video does not contain medical advice. Always ask your doctor before using coconut oil for dementia.)

Diagnosing Dementia: Alzheimer's May Really Be Mini-Strokes

Memory problems are too quickly diagnosed as Alzheimer's. (In Alzheimer's, the culprit is amyloid-plaque in the brain.) New research shows a more common memory-culprit may be vascular dementia, caused by stroke, mini-stroke and high blood pressure. Learn the difference and why the right diagnosis effects therapy and treatment.

Wednesday, October 17

New Burst of Interest: Is Alzheimer's an Infection?

There’s a new wave of Alzheimer’s interest rising in the infectious diseases community. Perhaps it's because the cause-and-cure for Alzheimer's remain mysteries, despite decades and billions of dollars of plaque-and-tau research. Learn what's firing up the focus on infectious agents as the new Alzheimer's targets.

Valuable Legal Advice for the Dementia Journey


ALZ-TALK presents eye-opening legal advice to help plan for dementia's unexpected challenges. Watch this worthwhile primer. It may save you a bit of money and a lot of heartache.

Tuesday, October 16

Getting Family Together on Dementia Care


When dementia hits, it challenges a family's ability to work as a team. See Teepa Snow role-play a way to make it work.

Can the "Forgetting Protein" Help Alzheimer's Remember?


The Musashi Protein helps us forget what we don't need to remember. Can regulating it help Alzheimer's? See 60 Minutes explore turning off "forgetting". Read how it works.

Live in the Moment (From "Still Alice")


Alice Howland, happily married, 3 children, is a celebrated Harvard professor. She notices a forgetfulness creeping into her life. Diagnosis: early onset Alzheimer's. Heartbreaking and inspiring, see the film "Still Alice" capture in remarkable detail what's it's like to live with Alzheimer's. Learn about the struggles and how to better "live in the moment."

Monday, October 15

Vitamin D Deficiency Ups Dementia By 53%


In the largest study of its kind, not getting enough vitamin D turned out to double the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s. See why supplements may not be the answer. Find out which foods to eat.

Mind & Melody


Meet the young musicians taking on Alzheimer's through music!

Dementia 101 in 101 Seconds


Understand dementia better. Get helpful insights and key facts.