Monday, March 30

Exercise Your Brain to Keep Your Body Healthy

Swiss researchers find it's important to exercise your brain to keep your body fit after age 50. Their findings show that cognitive abilities ward off inactivity much more than physical activity prevents the decline in cognitive abilities. "By working on cognitive capacities, physical activity will follow." Learn more.

Sunday, March 29

I'm Not Gonna Miss You

MUSIC, LYRICS, VIDEO: This video is a tribute to superstar Glen Campbell. See him share the Alzheimer's journey with his intensely beautifully Alzheimer's song.

Alzheimer's Agitation Reduced by Dextromethorphan-Quinidine Pill


Aggression and agitation are hard challenges in dementia. An important study may offer some simple answers.

Friday, March 27

Nonconformists are Better Protected Against Alzheimer's

Swiss researchers find that people with certain personality traits are protected against Alzheimer’s disease, including those who are less agreeable, had natural curiosity, and were nonconformists. Find out why.

Thursday, March 26

Sundowning Care from Sunset 'til Sunrise


For 12 years, a special program called "Dusk 'Til Dawn" has been successfully fighting sundowning. "Sundowning" means people with dementia act agitated and restless towards the end of the day. See this special program in action.

10 Ways to Use the Power of Photos for Dementia Care


Photos and photo albums make for a fantastic activity. They easily reduce social isolation and depression, providing comfort to people with dementia. Check out these helpful tips and lists.

Wednesday, March 25

100 Ways to Live Well with Alzheimer's


Watch Dr. Terry Barclay share his passion: To help patients and families thrive - not just survive - when living with Alzheimer's.

Turmeric Spice Drug Shows 7 Brain Benefits

Salk Institute's J147 is a derivative of turmeric, a spice used in curry. Learn how it fights memory deficits and has a host of unexpected anti-aging effects in the lab.

Tuesday, March 24

Teepa Tips on Corona Virus + Dementia Care


Watch a mother and daughter struggle through the "normal" conversation that is happening with COVID-19 quarantine and lock-downs. Teepa offers insight and the Positive Approach and Beth and Corrie demonstrate how things could be different for all involved.

Scientists 'Go For the Gold' When Hunting for Alzheimer's

Scientists are using gold nanoparticles to create new images of the amyloid fibrils associated with Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. The fibrils are formed by amyloid beta peptide and Tau protein; they appear as "knot-like" structures between brain cells. Find out more.

10 Signs of Alzheimer's Vs. Regular Aging


Too much worrying about getting Alzheimer's results in stress. That ups the risk of Alzheimer's. Get a good balance. Learn the difference between a change that is a warning sign versus a change that simply means a person is aging nicely.

Monday, March 23

Amazing Dementia Village Cares for Advanced Alzheimer's


Fresh air and exercise, improved appetite, fewer medications and happier family visits typify the world's first "Dementia Village". See how an inspired nursing home manager took a dreary hospital and turned it into a respect-filled, compassionate community.