Thursday, June 21

Best of 4 Alzheimer's Drugs

A new study ranks the safety and effectiveness of four Alzheimer's drugs. Ranked on concentration, memory, alertness and mood, learn what the researchers found.

Scam Protection for People with Dementia


We've all heard stories of crooks taking advantage of people with Alzheimer's. See how to protect people with dementia from scammers.

Wednesday, June 20

Sundowning Care from Sunset 'til Sunrise


For 12 years, a special program called "Dusk 'Til Dawn" has been successfully fighting sundowning. "Sundowning" means people with dementia act agitated and restless towards the end of the day. See this special program in action.

Why Aren't More People Taking Aspirin to Prevent Vascular Dementia?

PEOPLE ELIGIBLE to take aspirin to prevent vascular dementia, stroke and heart attack usually don't. That's because their doctors don't say anything. Learn why.

Tuesday, June 19

What Do Aricept, Exelon & Razadyne Do?

Teepa Snow

See Teepa Snow talk about the top medications for Alzheimer's & dementia. In plain English, she explores what they do and how they work. Get clarity on Aricept, Exelon and Razadyne (generic donepezil, rivastigmine and galantamine).

Olive Oil & Lettuce Protect Brain from Vascular Dementia

DIET & NUTRITION: A diet that combines unsaturated fats with nitrite-rich vegetables, such as olive oil and lettuce, can protect you from hypertension and vascular dementia. Learn which foods are helpful and why.

Monday, June 18

Alzheimer's & The Power of Music

Neurologist and author Dr. Oliver Sacks VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT:

Music's effect on the brain fascinated neurologist Oliver Sacks, MD. His research led him to helping people with Alzheimer's. Watch this best-selling author share how dementia, without exception, responds to music.

What is MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment)?


Worried about memory? Many people notice serious memory and thinking slips, though the problems don't get in the way of day-to-day life. Is it pre-dementia? To understand what's going on, see Emory University explain what doctors call "MCI".

Sunday, June 17

France Builds Alzheimer's Village


Dementia-Villages are catching on, with France building the largest one yet. At $28 million, take a quick look at the social, freedom and health advantages offered by this new angle on dementia care.

Don't Want Dementia? Go Spend Time with Friends.


CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez interviews Ohio State University researchers and finds out why having friends or being social may be the keys to helping preserve brain function.

Saturday, June 16

Communicating with Dad & Dementia


Good communication is critical when families and friends get together. Communicating may be difficult between people with memory-loss and their loved ones. Check out these 5 helpful communication tips and books.

Friday, June 15

Designing Rooms for Dementia


Dementia design improves the independence of people with dementia. This online book is available at no charge. Learn dozens of clever design tips that can make a world of difference.