September 23, 2014

When Language Fails in Dementia, Use Music, Rhythm & Movement

Teepa Snow VIDEO

Teepa Snow shows caregivers what to do in middle-to-advanced dementia, where communication & language are diminished. Watch her explain the power of music. See her demonstrate how to use rhythm and movement when language fails.

Don't Use Alzheimer's Drugs Till You Really Need Them

Acetylcholine at nerve endings.
Alzheimer's drugs are classed as "Cognitive Enhancers". Learn why these medications are NOT for mild memory problems. Find out why prescribing them for Mild Cognitive Impairment is bad practice.

September 22, 2014

A4 Study is 1st Step to an Alzheimer's Vaccination


The A4 Study is a cutting-edge trial aimed at preventing Alzheimer's. The clinical trial is testing normal adults who are at risk for the dementia. It is the first trial to inform healthy people of their risk in advance. Read about the research. Watch Dr. Sperling explain its potential for a vaccination to prevent memory loss.

September 21, 2014

Thought of the Week: Heart That Gives

Saying with photo of grandmother with grandaughter, "The heart that gives, gathers"

Namenda Sued for "Forced Switch" of Alzheimer's Drug


Namenda® is a drug widely used to treat mid-stage Alzheimer's. The government is suing Namenda's manufacturer to stop them from discontinuing their current formulation. See why.

Avoiding Slips & Trips for Falls Prevention Day

People with dementia fall 60% more frequently than other adults. Falls Prevention Awareness Day is a great time to learn ways of preventing falls at home or in a care facility. Help raise awareness and reduce fall-related injuries.

Start Alzheimer's Prevention Now


Study after study shows healthy living can lower Alzheimer's risk. Apparently, people are listening. Today's healthier lifestyles have been accompanied by a drop in the rate of Alzheimer's. Watch The Wall Street Journal catch an interview with a new wave of adults changing their lifestyles to keep Alzheimer's away.

International Experts Tackle Dementia Questions


How do we tackle Alzheimer's and dementia? How will patients, their caregivers and health care systems cope? Global entities, such as the OECD, are getting together to address these issues. See what international experts have to say in this engaging television interview.

Too Many Drugs Due to Clinical Inertia

“It’s much easier to start someone on a medication, and keep them on, than to take them off," says Professor Tjia. "It’s called clinical inertia.” Find out how most advanced dementia patients receive too many expensive, questionable medications.

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