Tuesday, January 21

Diagnosing Dementia's Symptoms for Nurses & Caregivers


Doctors, nurses and caregivers must work together to diagnose Alzheimer's. There simply is no one-stop test. Even after considering signs and symptoms, changes in patients often reveal diagnosis-changing details. Learn how you can help make and maintain an accurate diagnosis.

A Priceless Support Group for Alzheimer's Caregivers


Linda Rankin is an everyday hero. She leads an Alzheimer's Care-partner support group. See why caregivers love it.

Anticholinergic Warning


Many anticholinergic drugs like Benadryl® strongly up the risk of Alzheimer's and dementia. See how. Learn the alternatives. Get "The Anticholinergic Pocket Reference Card" for people with dementia & the elderly.

Monday, January 20

$2M Donated to Film Documentary on How Diet Affects Alzheimer’s Disease


An award-winning director joins the nation’s largest independent registered investment advisory firm to film a documentary on clinical trials by diet guru Dr. Dean Ornish, aimed at slowing – or even reversing – the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Read on to learn more.

Warning: Stroke Signs Often Misdiagnosed as Harmless Headache or Dizziness

DIAGNOSIS: EMERGENCY ROOM DOCTORS commonly miss strokes, a leading cause of vascular dementia. This is especially true among women, minorities and younger patients. Learn how to prevent misdiagnosing a stroke as just a headache or dizziness.

Vitamin D Deficiency Ups Dementia 53%


In the largest study of its kind, not getting enough vitamin D doubled the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s. See why supplements may not be the answer. Find out which foods to eat.

Sunday, January 19

A Good Night's Sleep Clears Alzheimer's Tau

SLEEP: A new study finds when young healthy men had a full, uninterrupted night of rest, their blood levels showed a reduced level of tau, the biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease. The level was higher when they lost just one night of sleep. Learn more.

5 Types of Dementia in 8 Minutes


In this "Overview for Med Students", we talk about some of the most common types of dementia. This will cover Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy body, vascular and frontotemporal dementia.

Friday, January 17

Alzheimer's Misdiagnosis # 5: Lyme Disease


Country music legend Kris Kristofferson Alzheimer's misdiagnosis ruined his career. Turned out he had Lyme disease. Learn about his remarkable recovery and the signs to look for.

Dignity & Dementia: Where to Draw the Line?


People with dementia deserve dignity and have rights. Where do we draw the line between encouraging personal choices versus following what caregivers think is best? See Dr. Murray Raskin & Dr. Linda Teri offer experienced tips.

Thursday, January 16

Tovertafel Magic Tables Beat Apathy in Dementia


Tovertafels awaken and motivate people with dementia. Dutch for "Magic Table", over 1,600 Tovertafels have been installed in care homes. See how they work.

Wednesday, January 15

Cerebrovascular Disease, Alzheimer's & Vascular Dementia


What do arteries, veins and cerebrovascular health have to do with Alzheimer's? ( Cerebro-> brain. Vascular-> arteries & veins.)