Friday, September 17

Watch This Man Take A Test For Alzheimers


Alzheimer's tests are initially easy, but emotionally intimidating. See how they work and what taking a test feels like, in this is a clip from a documentary called, "A Nurse I Am". The feelings here are touching and eye-opening.

One Night of Sleep Fights Alzheimer's


A good night's sleep is known to clear the brain of the day's waste. A revealing study shows how one night of sleep deprivation increases Alzheimer's plaque. (Alzheimer's plaque is a brain waste product and the best-known culprit behind Alzheimer's.) See how. Learn what sleep does.

Thursday, September 16

Town Square For a Day Helps Drive Dementia Away


See a new approach in the fight against Alzheimer’s. San Diego has an innovative care facility set up like a 1950s Town Square. Watch how it lifts people living with dementia.

Antidepressants, Antihistamines & Dementia


From allergies to moods, most of us get relief from drugs known as "anticholinergics". Some raise dementia risk, some don't. Do we always need them? A study of 300,000 people offers answers to help you and your doctor better weigh the risks and benefits.

Wednesday, September 15

What They Had


"What They Had" is a hit film centering on a colorful family, pulling together to rise above Alzheimer's. Heartbreaking but funny, see scenes from this uplifting motion picture. As one reviewer put it, "THIS IS EVERYONE'S LIFE in a nutshell. You are bound to find at least one experience here that matches yours - one character that speaks to your current life state now. You will enjoy this film. It will make you think. It will make you want to hug your loved ones even closer. And it will make you see the light at the end of every tunnel."

USA Bans Nursing Home Arbitrators

PEOPLE WITH DEMENTIA cannot easily protect themselves. Nursing homes have long dodged accountability for dementia patients by making new residents sign a "pre-dispute arbitration agreement". Thanks to Medicare and Medicaid, that tactic has finally come to a halt.

Tuesday, September 14

It Took Losing My Mind to Care About My Mind


Super Bowl Champion Ben Utecht testified about his dementia before Congress. Football causes a type of dementia called CTE, and Ben got it at the young age of 29. See what he hopes to do to tackle all forms of dementia.

Concussion Leads to Dementia If Neglected

Concussion AS PROFESSIONAL sports teams battle lawsuits for dementia caused by concussion, new research shows damage to the brain can persist for decades after a head trauma. Learn why. Find out what to do.

Monday, September 13

Lighting & Security Help Make Dementia Easier


See how improvements to lighting and color help ease living with dementia at home. Watch these security tips for keeping a loved one with Alzheimer's safe.

Taking a Walk Improves Brain Health


Getting out into the fresh air and taking a walk does good things for your brain and well-being, researchers say.

Sunday, September 12

Wine Cleans Alzheimer's Plaque


An innovative study shows how a daily glass of wine helps clean the brain of Alzheimer's plaque.

Elder Abuse in Dementia: Signs to Look For, How to Help

PROTECTING OUR ELDERS: Many people with dementia are victims of elder abuse. Abuse can happen in many places, including the person's or family member's home, assisted living facility, or nursing home. Learn the signs. Find out how to help.