Friday, September 25

Bill Gates Sees 2 Positive Trends in Alzheimer's Research

PROGRESS: Bill Gates donated $100,000,000 to Alzheimer's research. Here is an excerpt from his post, "What I Learned at Work This Year," on positive trends in Alzheimer’s research in 2018.

President Trump Signs $100 Million "BOLD" Alzheimer's Act


President Trump's New Year 2019 signing of "The BOLD ALZHEIMER'S ACT" allocated $100 million to combat Alzheimer’s and preserve brain health. This added to the extra $425 million for Alzheimer's research signed in October 2018.

Thursday, September 24

Looking for New Ways to Solve Alzheimer's


CNBC's Meg Tirrell reports on new methods drug companies are developing to combat Alzheimer's.

Lewy Body Rollercoaster

UP & DOWN: Attention, alertness and cognition have dramatic fluctuations in Lewy Body dementia. Caregivers call these ups and downs "The Roller-Coaster of LBD." Learn more about it and where to get essential support.

Wednesday, September 23

FDA Grants Priority Review to Aducanumab, Biogen's New Alzheimer's Treatment

The FDA has accepted Biogen's application for aducanumab, an investigational treatment for Alzheimer's, and even granted it Priority Review, with an action date set for March 7, 2021. Learn more.

Daily Songs Perk Up Alzheimer's


See the good energy music adds to families living with Alzheimer's. Learn how music brings a fresh lift every day.

Alzheimer's Misdiagnosed 50 Times by Memory Clinic


Can a misdiagnosis ruin a life? Sherry-Ann Jenkins allegedly misdiagnosed Alzheimer's dozens of times. A lawsuit by people hurt by their misdiagnosis claims she "lacked the training, education, licensing, and credentials to treat and diagnose patients with cognitive disorders." Learn the importance of second opinions for a serious illness.

Monday, September 21

8 Medication Questions for Caregivers to Ask Doctors

Pills (Photo: WIkimedia.org) MEDICATION CARE TIPS:

People with Alzheimer's generally take a lot of medicine. Some drugs boost memory and cognition, while others help with mood, behavior and other conditions. Learn how caregivers can help ensure medication is taken safely & correctly.

Sunday, September 20

5 Ways Music Helps Dementia


Mary Sue Wilkinson will teach you five powerful reasons to use music in dementia care. Mary Sue is the Founder of "Singing Heart to Heart" and the author of "Songs You Know By Heart: A Simple Guide for Using Music in Dementia Care", which includes a Teepa Snow contribution. Learn more.

Reverse Dementia in Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus


Alzheimer's may just be NPH (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus), a curable dementia. 400,000 Americans have NPH. Only 11,000 are properly diagnosed. See how NPH imitates Alzheimer's in as many as 5% of the cases. Find out what you can do about it.