Wednesday, February 19

What To Do When You Have Trouble Remembering

FORGETFUL? Is it normal aging or a real problem? Learn 9 things you can do about it. Compare 5 serious memory problems against normal forgetfulness.

Tuesday, February 18

I Know Who He Is


William Michael Morgan strums a proud, moving song, by a young man that knows, who his father with dementia truly is.

Picking Up the Earliest Signs of Alzheimer's

SHORT-TERM MEMORY lapses are obvious signs of Alzheimer's, but other tell-tale signals begin to show much earlier. Learn how to look for semantic impairments, such as simple questions about size.

Caring for Vascular Dementia


Vascular dementia poses unique challenges to caregivers. Learn how vascular dementia differs from Alzheimer's. See how to make life better, both for you and the one for whom you care.

Monday, February 17

Simple Tests for Dementia


Simple dementia tests that anyone can do, from HealthDirect. (Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Be sure to discuss this with your doctor.).

85 with Dementia? Good Chance It's HS-AGING, Not Alzheimer's

Elderly lady
DIAGNOSIS: 3 important dementia studies focus on HS-AGING. It's a type of dementia almost as common as Alzheimer's in the 85+ group. Yet few people have heard of it. Why? What makes it different?

Curry Derivative J147 Beats Aricept for Alzheimer's

Curry (Photo: Wikimedia) J147 is a derivative of curry's turmeric spice. It beat the Alzheimer's drug Aricept (generic: donepezil) on several memory tests. The Salk Institute says it may benefit Parkinson's, Huntington's & vascular dementia. Find out how J147 prevented memory loss & slowed Alzheimer's.

A Happy Partner Leads to a Healthier Future


Researchers find optimistic people contribute to the health of their partners, staving off risk factors leading to Alzheimer's disease, other dementias and cognitive decline as they grow old together.

Sunday, February 16

OK, Google, Help Me Handle My Dementia


David has a duel diagnosis of Alzheimer's and vascular dementia. See Google technology help him handle the disease.

Diagnosing Lewy Body Dementia is Tricky But Vital

Doctor with patient
DIAGNOSIS: 50% of people with Lewy Body Dementia said they were originally misdiagnosed with a type of dementia such as Alzheimer's. Find out how LBD is exquisitely sensitive to certain medications, and why an early, accurate diagnosis is critical.

Tips on Engaging Someone with Alzheimer's


Activities are a cornerstone to dementia health. See some great ideas on creating positive experiences for people with Alzheimer's.

Think It's Dementia? Good Chance It's Not

MEMORY FAILING? New research shows you may need help, but not for dementia. Memory slips, stress and fatigue are growing in people with healthy memory. Learn why.