Sunday, May 20

Memory Changes: Are You Your Own Best Judge?

Can you diagnose yourself? An important study suggests that self-reported memory complaints might predict clinical memory impairment later in life.

Friday, May 18

Diet, Alzheimer's & The Nigerian Paradox


"The Nigerian Paradox" is about low rates of Alzheimer’s in Nigeria, despite dangerously high rates of "the Alzheimer’s gene" (ApoE4). Does Nigeria's diet hold the key?

Thursday, May 17

A Real Alzheimer's Prevention Program from The University of California


Can Alzheimer's be prevented? Some call prevention a false hope. Not Professor Gary Small, MD, Director of UCLA's Longevity Center. If prevention means lowering risk rather than stopping Alzheimer's completely, there is a lot of good science you'll want to know. See research-based prevention strategies.

One Night's Sleep Fights Alzheimer's


While a good night's sleep is known to clear the brain of the day's waste, a new study reveals how one night of sleep deprivation measurably increases Alzheimer's plaque. (Alzheimer's plaque is the sticky substance on the brain that is the best-known culprit behind Alzheimer's.) See how. Learn what sleep does.

Dad with Dementia Sings: VOLARE!


Ted McDermott sings to outwit his dementia. He journeys with son Simon and their dashcam, making famously beautiful music together. Get your smile ready and join in.

Seniors Avoid Memory Tests

DIAGNOSIS: Many seniors know their memory and thinking abilities have gone downhill. They also know Medicare offers free cognitive tests. Yet 50% of these seniors won't take one. Find out why they don't and why they should.

40-Page Free Book on Lewy Body Dementia

Cover of Lewy Body Dementia Book

Free LBD book, from the U.S. government's NIH, with insights into caregiving, movement, sleep & behavior. More than 1 million American adults have Lewy Body dementia. Learn about this common cousin of Alzheimer's & Parkinson's.

Wednesday, May 16

7 Simple Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's


You can do some easy things to lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. See these tips from Medical Correspondent Dr. Manny Alvarez.

Tuesday, May 15

Redirecting Hallucinations in Dementia


When people with dementia have hallucinations, caregivers can help. Watch Teepa Snow show one way to relieve a loved one's distress over something that is not really there.

Forever Remember Me As Loving You


This elegant film-short beautifully portrays love's endurance despite Alzheimer's.

Sunday, May 13

Virtual Dementia Tour's Patent

Woman putting goggles and headphones on caregiverVIDEO & ARTICLE:

The Virtual Dementia Tour® simulates Alzheimer's for caregivers. It boosts their level of care and motivation. 500,000 family and professional caregivers have experienced it. See how it works.

Thursday, May 10

Antidepressants, Antihistamines & Dementia


From allergies to moods, most of us get relief from drugs known as "anticholinergics". Some raise dementia risk, some don't. Do we always need them? A study of 300,000 people offers answers to help you and your doctor better weigh the risks and benefits.