Friday, April 19

Alzheimer's Legal & Financial Planning

LAW & MONEY: Get ahead of the legal & financial challenges of Alzheimer's. This NIA Fact Sheet from the U.S. government is a great place to start.

Thursday, April 18

Nanoscopes See 10 Times Deeper into Alzheimer's Treatments


See Alzheimer's 3D super-resolution imaging break through major obstacles towards finding a cure. Watch it reveal where Alzheimer's starts and where new treatments may intervene, like never before.

Sure It's Alzheimer's? Insights into Lewy Body Dementia


Lewy Body dementia is the 2nd most common form of dementia. See experts at America's top medical center, The Mayo Clinic, improving the lives of people who struggle with it.

Wednesday, April 17

Rosemary Emulates Aricept & Donepezil


Aricept® (generic: donepezil) treats Alzheimer's by blocking AChE. Rosemary does that naturally. Learn about rosemary's dementia-fighting benefits from USDA Dr. J. Duke. See how dietary rosemary strengthens memory.

Fat People Get Less Dementia

2 MILLION BRITONS, in the biggest study in history, astonished researchers. Obese people had 29% less dementia risk than normal-weight people. Underweight? Bigger risk. See what doctors say about these unexpected results.

Tuesday, April 16

How to Interact with a Person with Dementia in Distress


Watch Teepa Snow demonstrate how to reduce stress and resistance in precarious situations.

Alzheimer's & Viruses: The Latest Research


American researchers found 'unusually high' levels of two human herpes virus strains in brains of people with Alzheimer's. This opens a robust array of new targets in the search for a cure.

Successful Dementia Village on a Government Budget


How should governments help us spend the last years of life? In a sterile institution or in an easy-walking village with a supermarket, pub, theater and park? Journey to Hogeweyk for a glimpse at government-funded care based on freedom, meaning and social life.

Longer Tangles - Alzheimer's Newest Culprit

PROGRESS IN THE NEWS: 100 years ago, Dr. Alois Alzheimer's identified plaques and tangles as the hallmarks of Alzheimer's. In the search for a cure, scientists recently sharpened his discovery by revealing how tangles join end-to-end to create longer filaments. Drugs that can block this grouping may block Alzheimer's. Learn the latest.

Think It's Dementia? Good Chance It's Not

MEMORY FAILING? New research shows you may need help, but not for dementia. Memory slips, stress and fatigue are the symptoms of a growing population of people with healthy memory. Learn why.

Monday, April 15

Quadrupling Donepezil (Aricept)

MEDICATION: THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR DEMENTIA-DRUG IS DONEPEZIL. Donepezil (Brand-name: Aricept®) boosts memory & thinking in Alzheimer's. More donepezil means more boost - along with intensified side-effects. Learn how it can be safely boosted when combined with solifenacin.

How Dorseters Live Well with Dementia


See people with dementia share their insights into living well with dementia. This positive video challenges the stigmas of dementia, promoting inclusion in society and community support.