October 23, 2014

Stroke Signs Misdiagnosed as Harmless Headache or Dizziness

Emergency room doctors commonly miss strokes, a leading cause of vascular dementia. This is especially true among women, minorities and younger patients. Learn how tens of thousands of people with dizziness and headaches are sent home with a misdiagnosis.

October 22, 2014

Off-The-Shelf Technologies That Assist People with Dementia


Home computers and other easy-to-get devices can make such a difference in the life of people with dementia. Watch this video for some down-to-earth practical examples.

October 21, 2014

No Matter What I Do, It's Not Right

Feeling Frustrated

Frustrated? Teepa Snow shows that when your loved one is impossible to deal with, it's not you, it's the dementia. Watch this 3-minute clip to help identify early Alzheimer's. Learn how to be a better caregiver.

October 20, 2014

Thought of the Week: Retaining Love

Grandson and grandchild by ducks on a river, with the saying, "The only way to retain love is to give it away."

Alzheimer's-In-A-Dish Speeds Up Research & Strengthens Amyloid Hypothesis


One thing can be said about all Alzheimer's drug trials: they take way too much time & money. New 3-D culture systems hope to change that. Also, the 3-D culture systems have become a "Northern Star" for "The Amyloid Hypothesis". They are pointing scientists in the right direction to discover new Alzheimer's drugs. See how.

From Neuroradiologist To Artist: An Alzheimer's Journey


"Hope" is the story of Dr. Bill Garfinkle. See how he reinvented himself from neuroradiologist to artist after his diagnosis of Alzheimer's.

Memory Box for Dementia


How to create a Memory Box for a person with dementia. A Memory Box is a great help for visitors in initiating conversation, as well as recalling wonderful memories and good times.

Skin Cells Offer a Lead to New Alzheimer's Treatments


Neuroscientists are reprogramming skin cells in order to discover newer, better treatments for Alzheimer’s.

Glenn Campbell's Family Walking for Alzheimer's


The singer's family hopes spreading the word will help find a cure. See what they have to say.

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