Friday, January 19

10 Signs & Symptoms of Lewy Body Dementia

Learn to spot Lewy body dementia (LBD). LBD is the most common type of dementia after Alzheimer's. Find out the symptoms that make LBD different.

Thursday, January 18

Morality, Social Bonds & Dementia

"Same ol' Jim!" When memory fades, relationships often stay strong. But when dementia seems to change moral traits, it becomes easy to fall into a relationship-destroying trap. Learn to protect those healthy social bonds.

I Have Mid-stage Dementia. Here's What I Truly Need.


Christine Bryden was diagnosed with dementia at 46, while Senior Executive to Australia's Prime Minister and a single mother with 3 girls. She has since married, published 4 books and become a grandmother. Six years into her dementia, see her share her feelings and offer advice to help.

Wednesday, January 17

A Message That Rises Above Alzheimer's


This cogent letter is about what Alzheimer's can do to a loved one, and how boldly a family can rise up to its challenge.

Alzheimer's, Vascular Dementia & Cerebrovascular Disease


What does the health of our arteries and veins have to do with Alzheimer's? ( Cerebro-> brain. Vascular-> arteries & veins.)

5 Questions To Ask the Doctor About Alzheimer's


Take an active roll in managing Alzheimer's. Have an open conversation with your doctor. See 5 questions to ask and which answers to get before your next visit.

Tuesday, January 16

De-escalating Distress in Dementia


Agitation, anxiety and aggressive-behavior can be hard for Alzheimer's caregivers to handle. Watch Teepa Snow walk through a 10-step process to de-escalate these distressing encounters.

Animation Explores Alzheimer's in the Brain


Associated Press Digital Products takes you on a journey inside the brain. Explore the latest scientific theories on the changes that contribute to Alzheimer's. See how healthy nerve cells are affected by Alzheimer's plaques and tangles, and what scientists are up against in their fight for a healthy brain.

Monday, January 15

Ronald Reagan & Alzheimer's - Just the Facts

PRESIDENT REAGAN'S winning vote margins were massive, among the biggest in American history. Is there truth to the notion of Ronald Reagan having Alzheimer's during his presidency?

Blueberry Vinegar Boosts Memory in Lab

DIET & NUTRITION: Blueberry vinegar may fight dementia by improving cognitive function. Learn about improvements to short-term memory in the lab as reported in The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.