Tuesday, October 27

Experimental Alzheimer's Blood Test Achieves 86% Accuracy

A new way to catch and predict Alzheimer's with a blood test is in advanced stages of trials. The test promises to delay dementia, as well as improve diagnosis and treatment. Find out about this step forward in the battle against Alzheimer's.

In the Kitchen with Alzheimer's


"Hey, Mom, let's cook!" The kitchen can still be a source of busy activity in early dementia. Watch tips from Caregiving 101.

"I Want to Go Home" Dementia Tip


What do you do when someone with dementia insists on going home, again and again? Watch Teepa Snow do it with style, in yet another great care video.

Bring Back the Fun (Activity Ideas for Caregivers and People with Dementia)


“Bring Back the Fun” is a collection of activities for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. It's great for families at home, professional in-home care providers and leaders of group programs. This book is loaded with ideas to enrich the lives of the person you care for… ideas you can put to use today. The book has become a popular activities handbook. See the many enthusiastic customer reviews.

Monday, October 26

What Starts Alzheimer's, What Stops It?


For the first time since Alzheimer's was discovered 100 years ago, researchers are providing practical information to help fight Alzheimer's, instead of well-meaning, but useless, explanations. Learn how vascular problems trigger Alzheimer's decades before symptoms appear. See how that knowledge helps people lower risk and slow its advance.

Chocolate and the Fight Against Vascular Dementia


Cocoa's flavanol phytonutrients, without the sugar and fat, improves arterial function. That's a great way to fight strokes and atherosclerosis, common triggers of vascular dementia. Does that make chocolate a health food? See NutritionFacts.org tease out the research.

Memory-Restoring Brain-Implants Start Phase 3 Alzheimer's Trials


Scientists are applying an FDA-approved technique, Deep Brain Stimulation, to treat mild Alzheimer's for 150 patients in Phase-3 clinical trials. Learn more.

$16M Question: Is Alzheimer's a Brain-Cell Recycling Crisis?


Based on 13 years of Albert Einstein College of Medicine research, see why the NIH is betting $16 million to answer the question: "Can blocking the slow-down of autophagy delay or even prevent Alzheimer's?"

Testing for Alzheimer's by Checking Your Pupils

HOW QUICKLY your pupil dilates during cognitive tests can offer a low-cost, low-invasive screen for Alzheimer's -- even before the earliest signs. Learn how it works and why it can make a big difference.

DICE Method Helps Handling Agitation & Aggression in Dementia


A creative technique called "DICE" empowers caregivers, patients & professionals to work together and reduce dementia's behavioral problems. Learn how it can help cut antipsychotic drugs and make life easier for everyone.

4 Ways to Prevent Memory Loss in the Hospital ICU


Preventable Alzheimer’s-like symptoms seem to develop in many hospital patients, according to a large Intensive Care Unit study. See doctors discuss where it tends to happen and how to fight this problem. Learn 4 ways to prevent it.

Sunday, October 25

Easy Upgrades Liven Up Dementia Home


See how Muskoka Shores is livening up their Dementia-home in 4 low-cost stages. Learn simple ways to turn a dull care home into a bright, dynamic, village-like place to live.