April 21, 2015

Bathing Dementia


Teepa Snow offers sensitive ways to be considerate when bathing a person with dementia.

April 20, 2015

Don't Use Alzheimer's Drugs Till You Really Need Them

Acetylcholine at nerve endings.

Alzheimer's drugs are classed as "Cognitive Enhancers". Learn why these medications are NOT for mild memory problems. Find out why prescribing them for Mild Cognitive Impairment is bad practice.

April 19, 2015

Thought of the Week: Courage to Try

SAGE Pen & Paper Alzheimer's Test


Problems with memory or thinking? Check out this simple, written exam from Ohio State University Medical Center. Find out what made this outstanding test go viral.

Is Arginine the Key to Alzheimer's?


The battle to cure Alzheimer's has been focused on tau and amyloid protein for 20 years. See how a Duke University breakthrough has introduced a new player: our immune system and the dietary nutrient arginine.

Sleep Treatments Push Off Memory Loss by 10 Years


A new study linked heavy snoring or sleep apnea to early memory loss and Alzheimer's. However, people treating sleep breathing problems with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine pushed off memory loss by 10 years, to age 82 on average, instead of 72. See what a good night's sleep can do for your brain.

Kim Discusses Husband Glenn Campbell's Fight with Alzheimer's


Glenn Campbell is living with Alzheimer's at a memory support facility in Nashville. See Kim Campbell discuss her family's team effort to support him in the fight.

10 Tips to Prevent Wandering from Dementia


Wandering occurs in 60% of people with dementia. It can be triggered by anything from an old memory to poor vision, confusion or distress. Learn how to stop wandering from repeating itself and prevent it to begin with.

Dementia Patients Reassured by Video Messages


Family members are prerecording messages as part of a unique pilot program. The videos help victims of Alzheimer's break through the morning fog of forgetfulness.

Loving Someone Who Has Dementia: How to Find Hope while Coping with Stress and Grief


This book doesn't tell you how to get your Dad to take a shower. It doesn't tell you how to take the car keys away from your mother. It doesn't tell you when it's time for assisted living or nursing home care. Instead, it tells you how not to go crazy right along with your loved one. Actually, it helps you understand that you aren't crazy -- the conflicting emotions you're feeling are normal. Because it is a journey ... a long and tiring journey. But Pauline Boss can help you see the benefits of the journey again.