Sunday, May 27

OK, Google, Help Me Handle My Dementia


David has a duel diagnosis of Alzheimer's and vascular dementia. See Google technology help him handle the disease.

Do Genetics Cause Alzheimer's?


Dr. Gayatri Devi (Neurologist and author of The Spectrum of Hope: An Optimistic and New Approach to Alzheimer’s) explains the role of genetics in Alzheimer’s and why Alzheimer’s can be slowed or prevented by making lifestyle modifications.

Is it Alzheimer's or Dementia?


TEEPA SNOW explores the difficulty in getting a good diagnosis in today's medical system. See her explain the difference between Alzheimer's and dementia. Learn how to prepare for a trip to the doctor to check on your brain health.

Friday, May 25

Joking with Alzheimer's


Social skills, including light conversation and joking around, are often long-lasting skills in Alzheimer's. Can tapping these skills boost mood, improve behavior and beat back dementia? See what The University of Washington has to say about it.

The Bad & The Good in Statins & Alzheimer's

Statins certainly seem to lower the risk of Alzheimer's. On the other hand, they can sometimes cause temporary memory loss, which does go away if one stops the statins. Find out what you need to know to strike the right balance.

Thursday, May 24

Beware of Common Anticholinergic Drugs


Memory and thinking work by activating brain cells with acetyl-choline. Alzheimer's drugs boost acetyl-choline. Medicines for other conditions are often anti-cholinergic drugs, which lower acetyl-choline. From allergies to insomnia, these can spell big trouble for people with dementia. Learn which drugs to avoid and what to look out for.

Best Time to Stop Medicine for Dementia


Dr. Michael Mason explores various benefits of dementia medications, such as improved cognition, memory, behavior and lifespan. See the stages at which they are most effective.

Wednesday, May 23

5 Tips to Ease Sundowning in Dementia

SUNDOWNING VIDEO: See how the UCLA Dementia Care Program deals with end-of-day agitation and irritability, known as "Sundowning". A caregiver asks, "My loved one's behavior tends to get worse when the sun starts to go down. He appears exhausted and restless. What can I do to get him through this time of the day?"

Sandwiched Between Kids & Alzheimer's - 5 Tips

"SANDWICH GENERATION CAREGIVERS" live sandwiched between their kids and their Alzheimer's parent. All the new activity can add to an already hectic schedule. 5 tips can help keep the balance.

Sense-of-Smell Alzheimer's Test

DIAGNOSTIC TESTS that measure the sense of smell may soon become common in neurologists' offices. Find out why.

Tuesday, May 22

When Alzheimer’s Disrupts a Marriage


Get new insights from a study on marital communication in dementia. See Allan on how his fairytale marriage has weathered his wife's advanced Alzheimer's.

B Vitamins Vs. Brain Loss


B vitamins protect the brain and lower Alzheimer's risk. How do they work? See which ones are best for various diets.