Tuesday, March 3

Sure It's Alzheimer's? Insights into Lewy Body Dementia


Lewy Body dementia is the 2nd most common form of dementia. See experts at America's top medical center, The Mayo Clinic, improving the lives of people who struggle with it.

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  1. The Lewy Body Dementia Assn. webpage (LBDA.org) and the Lewy Body Rollercoaster both have a lot of good information about LBD. So does the book A Caregiver's Guide to Lewy Body Dementia.

  2. About Dementia with Lewy Bodies(LDB),that looks to be a "mix" of Alzheimer and Parkinson,researchers could deeply study support therapy with the nutraceutical CARNOSINE,that is a heavy metal chelator,a peroxinitrites scavenger and anti-glycating agent,lowers betamyloid and alpha synuclein accumulations,and has synergistic effects with the nutraceutical Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCAR)that is a mitochondrial function improver, peroxinitrites scavenger , increases brain energy,lowers betamyloid and tau accumulation,etc.And CARNOSINE has the potential to lowers betamyloid accumulation in Alzheimer disease(1),lowers alpha-synuclein accumulation in Parkinson disease and in Dementia of Lewy Bodies(2),(3)and lowers the prion-like spreads(4)that happens inside the brain of AD,PD and DLB patients.Based in:1)Anti-aggregating Effect of the Naturally Occurring Dipeptide Carnosine on Betamyloid Fibril Formation 2013 PLoS);2)Antioxidative and Anti-inflammatory Protection From Carnosine in the Striatum of Treated Mice(2010,J Agric Food Chem.);3)Enhanced Oligomerization of the Alpha-Synuclein Mutant by the Copper,Zinc Superoxide Dismutase and Hydrogen Peroxide System"(2003,Molecules and Cells); 4)Zinc,Copper,and Carnosine Attenuate Neurotoxicity of Prion Fragment-Journal Metallomics 2011)(only in small doses under physician prescription).

  3. Researchers could study deeply too,the nutraceuticalALC AR for research.Example:in safe and small doses of one hundred miligrams three to five times a day made in compounding pharmacies,under physician prescription,for studies in neurodegenerative diseases.ACETYL L CARNITINE,that has antidepressant and anxiolitic effects(1),is a peroxinitrites scavenger(2),improves mitochondrial function(3),increases brain energy in Parkinson disease(4),and has synergistic effects with middle-chain triglycerides(coconut oil)in mitochondrias(5),and,lowers betamyloid and tau,accumulation(6).

    1. Reference articles about ALCAR :
      1)"Mitochondrial Functions Modulate Neuroendocrine,Metabolic,Inflammatory,and Transcriptional Responses to Acute Psychological Stress"Proc Natl Acad Sci,2015
      2)"The Antioxidant Properties of Carnitine in Vitro,Cell Mol Biol Lett.2010 3)"Metabolomics Screening Identifies Reduced(levels of)L-Carnitine to be associated with Progressive Emphysema(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)",J Clinical Science,2016
      4)"Clinical Pharmacodynamics of Acetyl-L-Carnitine in Patients with Parkinson's Disease"Int J Clin Pharmacol Res,1990 5)"Carnitine SupplementIon and Ketogenesis by Small-For-Date Neonates on Medium-and Long-Chain Fatty Acid Formulae,Biology of Neonate,2000
      6)"Acetyl-L-Carnitine Attenuates Homocysteine-Induced Alzheimer-Like Histopathological and Behavioral Abnormalities,Rejuvenation,2011


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