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New Year's & Reminiscence Therapy


New Year’s Eve can still be a fun, enjoyable experience for loved ones with dementia. It's a perfect moment to reflect on past moments that warmed the soul. Learn how reminiscing makes for a great activity.

New Year’s Eve can be stressful for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, especially if you’re having a party. All the emotion and excitement can trigger anxiety and difficulty coping.

Fun and Enjoyable

But, New Year’s Eve can still be a fun and enjoyable experience for a loved one suffering from dementia. After all, New Year’s Eve is also a moment to reflect on past experiences and remember the moments that warmed their soul.

"Reminiscence Therapy" in dementia takes advantage of strong lerm-term memories in people with early or mid-stage dementia. Steering clear of short-term memories and reinvigorating long-term memories in Alzheimer’s patients takes advantage of powerful and emotional ties to the past.

Connect with Memories and Moments

This New Year’s Eve, if you are a caregiver or loved one celebrating the holiday with someone with dementia, use this opportunity of reflection to try and connect with their past memories of moments they loved.

Old movies, old songs, and even moments from their history can bring a smile to their face and a joy in their hearts. Reflecting on the past can make your loved one feel included in your celebration, less stressed about the new situation, and happy to be surrounded by family.

Enjoy Your Trip Down Memory Lane

And, of course, it can be fun for you. We all love to look back on the moments we love, so enjoy your trip down memory lane and take the opportunity to learn more about your loved one’s history and passions.

You may find something you never knew you had in common.

So, enjoy the New Year’s holiday with those you love. Be sure to include them in your celebrations, let them appreciate what makes them happy, and tell them this New Year is another opportunity to show them how much you care.

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