Sunday, January 27

Am I Doing My Best?


A nursing home poses one of dementia’s greatest quandaries for caregivers. There are so many pros-and-cons, it is such a huge life decision. Even when one knows it is the best decision, the choice remains challenging & deeply emotional. Watch this music video called, "From His Window" & share your thoughts.

  • Sometimes, it is the right time for a nursing home.
  • Sometimes, we pull the trigger too soon, doing what is easier now and then feeling guilty later.
  • Sometimes, caregivers ruin their own health by keeping a loved one at home for too long.
  • Sometimes, it is the right time for a nursing home, but we should visit longer or take our loved ones on outings more often.
We cannot do more than our best, so how do we know when we are doing our best? Watch this short video called "From His Window", as it poses this dilemma in a most beautiful way. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. (a) It's not short ... it's nearly 20 minutes. And (b) it doesn't ask any questions at all. It's a blatant condemnation of Americans for even having nursing homes.

    Offensive. Highly. And I say this as someone who cared for my loved one at home right up to the day he died of end-stage Alzheimer's. I am fervently thankful I was able to. Not everyone is.

  2. Thanks Lizzie for your feedback on the video, "Grey". You definitely have a point. The video was switched for one that poses the same questions with a dignified and compassionate tone. It is called "From His Window" and apppears above. Appreciate your feedback.

  3. Sweet video.Fortunate soul to have loving family to care for him
    NOT every caregiver is so fortunate. I cared for my mother, myself for 6 years i had no helf from family members. I gave up acting career i just began in Holluwood , i gave up beginnin gof opera career. i had nfo unds i slept in the bed with my mother with her wrist tied around mine so she would not get up without me knowing i cleaned and carried and cared for my mother through her abuse, biolence, my becoming anorexic, developing PTSD and collapsing many times from exhaustion and no tht i sthe beginnin gof the list of Physical and emotional illnesses from sole caregiving. I was so trau,atized, and lost in caring for my mother i knew no safe boundaries anymore. through the constant counseling of the nyc chapter of the Alz ass. and doctors orders, i finally placed my mothe rin nursing home. which i monitot so often i might as well move in there to keep watch. and watch you must do if you place a loved one in a nursing home. I cry everytime i leve her to go home it is torment to leavealoe vd one to die in anursing home. I wioll not believe any true craegiverm akes this choice freely.LIke myselfit is heartbreaking every step of the way whether sole caregiving in or out of nursing home.The gracious gift nestowed upon those of us who choset o rcae give is an endless spiritual blessing

    1. I aplogize for the typos. the keys are sticking


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