Wednesday, July 2

Power Foods to Fight Alzheimer's

Book cover of "Power Foods for the Brain"VIDEO:

Watch Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Dr. Neal Barnard on CBS, discussing diet and other techniques to lower Alzheimer's risk. Dr. Barnard is a nutrition researcher at George Washington University and author of "Power Foods for the Brain".

Book cover of "Power Foods for the Brain"
Dr. Barnard's book, "Power Foods for the Brain", is available on Amazon.com.

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  1. I'd love to see Dr. Barnard and Dr. Perlmutter (author of Grain Brain) debate this topic. Their ideas about the best diet are directly opposite. I think Barnard's uber-low-fat diet is way off base. Your brain is 60% fat. Why eat a diet that contains no added fat? High fat foods like coconut oil have been found to be very beneficial for the brain. In his book Barnard says you should use NO added fat. He says if you want olive oil, eat olives.

  2. (J E Galvin. Pass the grain; spare the brain. Neurology 2007 69(11):1072 – 1073.)
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17846407 "Alzheimer disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia with an estimated US prevalence of over 5 million. Recent discoveries have focused on identifying biomarkers for early detection of disease, and a great deal of information is available on amyloid processing. However, to date, there have been few data to suggest how the progressive course of AD can be modified in symptomatic patients for clinically meaningful outcomes. In this issue of Neurology®, Scarmeas and colleagues report on the benefit of adherence to the Mediterranean diet (MeDi) on reducing mortality in AD.1 The MeDi is characterized by high intake of cereals, vegetables, legumes, fruits, and fish in association with a high intake of unsaturated fatty acids (such …"

  3. Oh, for the vegetarian-grains are good-they live longer bullshart to end! And please, BOTTLED WATER??? As if that wasn't delivered through copper piping and then soaking up toxins for weeks or months before you drink it???? Mediterranean Diet. Bone Broths. Gut biome health. Coconut Oil (no, not MCT). Healthy fish fat/krill oils. Filter your water if needed. Puhleeze!!


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