Sunday, February 27

Good Light Lightens Alzheimer's


LIGHTING affects how people feel. The right light reduces agitation and improves mood. See how therapeutic lighting achieves dramatic results in dementia care.

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  1. The use of infrared light has now been shown to improve both dementia and Parkinson’s symptoms in clinical trials in the USA. QUIETMIND Fdn. is expanding their free clinical trials so subjects can participate at home. More information www. Quietmindfdn.org or 610-940-0488

  2. No doubt about the lighting, and the affect it has!
    But WHY don't care's just take the bother and put a simple nice low light warm light in there rooms? I do plus decorate it homely and always with flowers and plants. The affect of take him into this room every night at the nursing home and spend time there is VERY rewarding! Even the nurses feels happy to walk in there!


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