Monday, October 31

Early-Morning TV News on Wandering Emergency Saves Lost Man with Dementia


WANDERING WITH DEMENTIA is dangerous. 60% of people with Alzheimer's wander sometime. In Robert's case, the surprising ending was happy. When he wandered off around sunset, police dogs began a 16-hour search. After a tense, fruitless night, WMTW-TV arrived early in the morning to broadcast a live update. See Robert startle reporters and police by accidentally wandering right into the newscast.

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  1. There are kind people in our world. My step father used to wander away from the house for hours. I would be going crazy trying to find him. More than once a kind person would stop their car, get out and kindly ask if he was lost. Earl would say, "Well, I know I live somewhere, but I can't remember the house." Then, they would drive him around until he could identify his home. Earl passed 2 years ago from dementia, my mother just a little over a year ago from Alzheimer's. Bless all of you who know, understand, stop and help.

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