Friday, February 20

Power Of Touch Brings Wife Back From Alzheimer's

Holding handsVIDEO:

There's not much research about the power of touch in Alzheimer's. Notwithstanding, one nursing home's staff say Sol & Rita are all the proof they need. "After an hour's time, she became a new woman," said Sol. "She started talking. She knew who I was. The doctor said I discovered a medical miracle."

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  1. I saw this on HBO a few years ago. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and she was having trouble with depression and was not able to communicate. I decided to try this, even though we were never a family that showed a lot of affection. I began to ask her to give me a big hug before she got into bed at night. She began to cheer up and became less depressed and much more cooperative almost immediately. I've been doing this ever since and I feel it has kept her from declining faster than she would have otherwise. As her caregiver I also have to admit it makes me feel good too. It makes sense since physical contact can raise the levels of serotonin in the brain which I think helps with dementia. To put that simply it just feels good. :)

    1. That's amazing. My mother has another form of Dementia. I put lotion on her back and legs. I caress her face. It does keep them from slipping into an abyss of darkness. She continues to make eye contact and started reaching out for me when I'm sitting next to her. She doesn't walk or talk but she communicates in this way. I believe physical touch is keeping her in touch with reality.

      Try rubbing lotion on your mother's back, arms and legs. It's very stimulating.

  2. Mom and I were watching tv and I grabbed onto her hand in an effort to maintain contact with her. A few minutes later she smiled and said , "I like it when you hold my hand. "

  3. That's so lovely. I have just lost my Mum and she had alzheimers. The days that I cared for her I would hold her hand and hug her and play her songs that were her favourite. We even danced sometimes! She really did enjoy it. I miss her so much.


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