Saturday, June 20

Alzheimer's Versus Dementia


Hear a clear explanation of the difference between Alzheimer's and dementia. Watch this video from Emory University Alzheimer's Disease Research Center to see why these are very different terms.

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  1. So interesting and clear. Thank you.

  2. Awesome explanation

  3. What do you think about studies of brain supplements like this http://cerebralsuccess.com/pages/smartx-by-cerebral-success-study-results? Do these studies sufficiently show brain enhancements to back claims?

    1. A 'study' that involved just 10 subjects for just 3 days?
      The bigger question is whether you think this represents a valid study?
      Real scientists would readily dismiss it as being too small and too short.

      Sadly science has NOT YET discovered a cure for any of the underlying brain changes related to dementia.
      This is most likely related to the fact that science had NOT YET even discovered the CAUSES of any of the underlying physiologic changes related to dementia.

      The standard answer to anyone who claims to have discovered a cure (or even just the cause!) of dementia is "Well I will just wait until you have been awarded the Nobel prize for your discovery" because there does await an automatic Nobel prize to the first person who can figure this out. Until then all the ads and 'discoveries' are just blowing hot air.

    2. All those results could have simply been from the caffeine in this supplement. No way to really tell, so not very scientific.

  4. What makes the symptoms of Alzheimer's different from other forms of dementia?


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