Tuesday, December 14

"I Am Sorry, This is Hard" plus 5 More Care Phrases


Teepa Snow, Dementia-care Specialist, shares 6 key phrases that help you help people with Alzheimer's and dementia.

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  1. Wonderful wonderful stuff!! Thank you Teepa!

  2. Great advice. First I was a caregiver...now I have dementia. I get angry when people finish my sentences, tell me what I was saying when I stop talking mid sentence or give me a missing word. These techniques would stop me from staying angry.

    1. I am one of those guilty ones who finish sentences and give the missing words. I have learned that it is not as helpful as you may intend. Every time you do something for the person with the dementia you take away a little chance for the brain to its job and keep doing its job. I'm sorry, I'm new at this, I'm a work in progress. She is going to have to be really patient with me.

    2. It is so difficult as a caregiver to not rush. When I ask my dad a question and I can tell he is thinking I always say to my dad, "take your time" and I don't talk. He often comes up with the "right" answer. My life is so rushed I actually love my "slow" time with him. I am trying hard to cherish every single minute.

  3. Thank-you for giving me the words to make my mom feel better about the situation.

  4. This IS hard
    As a nurse who cared for the memory impaired,I am now caring for my husband who had dementia.I have NO support system.This IS hard.


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