Sunday, August 24

Are Alzheimer's Genetic Tests a Good Thing?


When a healthy person genetically tests their risk of Alzheimer's, are the results devastating or empowering? See what happened to 162 people who tried.

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  1. I was tested and carry the APOE-3 and 4 alleles. My mother died from Alzheimer's; my grandmother, her mother. I wanted to know. Now I've read all the books I can find on dietary changes, exercise, mental stimulation and have incorporated them into my already healthy vegan lifestyle. I even had a brain scan with the Amen Clinics and was told my brain showed no signs at all of potential AD. Knowledge is power and stimulates to action.

  2. My momma just got diagnosed with vascular dementia..... think i wld like to know if i have a chance of getting AD


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