Thursday, July 25

Fighting Alzheimer's Stigma


See people with dementia fighting Alzheimer's stigmas and making a difference. Learn why education and advocacy are so important in improving today's world, where most people have someone with dementia in their family.

Living with Alzheimer's - Stories:

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  1. This video made me feel so much better. I am a 65 year old woman with Alzheimer's but because I'm still smart enough and still working as a professional, people don't believe me when I say I have it. Even stating my symptoms and abnormal test results, and saying that I'm in the very earliest of stages doesn't get me anything from most people except "Oh, you don't have Alzheimer's. It's just your age." I'm so sick of the denial of others that I'm faced with, that I sometimes feel like screaming at those people. So it made me feel so good, odd as that may sound, to see all these normal-looking and sounding people, who also have Alzheimer's.

  2. My husband had an operation on his neck 28 May 2013 (C6-7) - he was never "right" since then. My son noticed a big change in his behavior and decided to take him to the Dr (I was away at the time). After many tests done, he was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia on the 20 March 2014-he turned 59 on the 22 March. He is an attorney who has to now close his business because of this.....What is in the ANESTHETIC that is causing early dementia in people???? Since sharing our story with friends, 3 people have had the same problem. Research has to help us understand why this is happening. any help would be greatly appreciated. Maureen Sellers (East London, South Africa)

  3. For more on operations, anesthesia and dementia, you may want to check out the article:
    Exit the ICU ASAP
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