Monday, May 11

Don't Say Goodbye, Say Hello!


Dr. Richard Taylor has Alzheimer's and the right attitude! See what he has to say.

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See Dr. Richard Taylor remarkable book, "Alzheimer's from the Inside Out". It is a stunning achievement by a psychologist with Alzheimer's. In it, Dr. Taylor offers a unique perspective on the feelings of the person with Alzheimer's.

ED. NOTE: Dr. Taylor passed away due to cancer on July 25, 2015, according to a statement by the members of Dementia Alliance International, which he helped found, who expressed their sadness over his death. We continue to post his video because Dr. Taylor’s thoughts and words retain their value, and he continues to provide inspiration beyond his passing. RIP.

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  1. Video seems goofy to me with respect to having someone pointing out an error. I've got dementia and I'm thankful when someone helps me out when I make an error (and I make a lot of them). It takes me a lot of time to get emails "correct" and I often still make error. If you have Alz, it is what it is.


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