Wednesday, November 6

Music Makes Henry Alive Inside


Meet Henry. For a decade, he suffered from dementia. Henry barely said a word to anyone — until "Music & Memory" set up an iPod program at his nursing home.

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  1. this is fab my mam loves music, She has Alzheimer's I think this is a great way to stimulate them and I will be trying it and a wonderful story about Henry.

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  3. I can relate so well. I saw the same effects on my dad who had been a concert violinist. Any kind of music, but especially classical would set his toes a tapping and lift his awareness of his surroundings. Like Henry, he would suddenly respond to his name. My dad had alzheimer's for 15 years, and right up until the very end, his toes were happy listeners to his music!

  4. Music helps us to relieve stress in our lives. With good music will help people to be more sociable. Music is also a place connecting people with people.


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