Friday, May 27

No Matter What I Do, It's Not Right


Frustrated? When your loved one is impossible to deal with, it's not you - it's the dementia. Watch this 4-minute video to understand what's going on. Let Teepa Snow sharpen your caregiving skills.

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  1. The early stages sof Alzheimer's can be hard because both the person with the disease and their caregiver, especially if family or spouse don't understand the difference between what the disease is doing and what is just rude behavior.

    1. So very true! And is especially difficult to distinguish between if the person wasn't nice to begin with.

    2. Phooey, I don't know, in my experience, my grandfather was a very nice man and he turned mean. My mother was a very negative person, she never smiled, and she turned very sweet and smiley.

  2. The video is stopping at five minutes and 54 seconds. :-(


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