Sunday, January 9

5 Smart Ways to Face Alzheimer's

Lady with Alzheimer's

See how one lady faced the stigma of Alzheimer's and rose above its storm clouds. Learn why she continues to take part in her community and how she lives life with dementia to the fullest.

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  1. Excellent!!!!! I wish every newly diagnosed person could listen to this

  2. Very well done.

    Since there is currently no medical treatment for AD, the treatment becomes coping. Admitting the disease, coming out to others about the disease LEARNING all you can about the disease process, and TEACHING others about the process. Then just doing the best you can.

    HOWEVER . . . . AD is not a disease that affects just one person! (this makes it different from most all other diseases)

    What was left out of this video is her partner/caregiver. Are they prepared for the inevitable changes? Is the partner/caregiver prepared to deal with the later stages? The later stages is a huge burden that the AD person does not carry. It is suffered by others. Where is this caregiving person on the AD continuum of denial and understanding?

    A comment about how she has prepared herself for the inevitable future legally, financially, etc. would also have been of value.
    Still well done

  3. Congratulations on your positive attitude. You are an inspiration! I wish you all the very best on your journey

  4. Excellent attitude. I had my stage 5 wife watch this with me. I don't think she was impressed. But I was.

  5. How wonderful it would be if attitude were the cure for dementia. Unfortunately, all dementias are progressive, untreatable, incurable, and fatal. As caregiver to my beloved husband of 40+ years, I'm all over the idea of milking every day for whatever it can be worth. But let's not lose sight of the fact that this is a gruesome killer. "Living well with dementia" is a myth. Dementia kills people--and along the way, it breaks the hearts and wallets of those who love them.

    1. So true. Thank you for the reality check.

  6. Janie Bonham, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You said everything that needs to be said, PLUS! It has struck my heart deeply. I am early stage alzheimer's; and I don't hesitate to tell people (in fact, they probably don't want to hear it!!!). And, as a retired Occupational Therapist, I know Alzheimer's very personally and up face! But what you said was so right on. I do have great hope in my heart; especially, as I am involved in the research project with Biogen Drugs and will start receiving the drug for sure (at recommended dosage) in about 6 months. My greatest wish right now is to be involved in a group of people who are in our same boat!
    Thank you for your beautiful note, and keep the faith! Nancy Curran


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