Tuesday, August 22

Caring for Vascular Dementia


Teepa Snow reveals vascular dementia's unique challenges to caregivers. Learn how vascular dementia is different from Alzheimer's. See what you can do to make life better for you and the one for whom you care.

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  1. Should someone diagnosed with vascular dementia take aricept or namenda? thank you.

    1. That is a question for your doctor.

      According to the NHS, "these medications are not as effective for vascular dementia as they are for Alzheimer's disease."

      In order to have an intelligent conversation with your doctor about this subject, you may want to watch a highly informative video on this site called:

      What Happens in the Alzheimer's / Vascular Dementia Mix?

      You can search for it in the SEARCH box for this site or go to the following link:

      Hope this helps.

    2. Thank you for your response. My husband was diagnosed a couple years ago with vascular dementia and he went on 5 mg generic aricept, then increased to 10mg. He could take 10 at one time because it upset his stomach and the patch caused rashes,, so was taking 5 in the am and 5 in the pm. the pm caused severe night sweats according to the pharmicist. A new neurologist that we are going to now took him off it and his night sweats stopped after two weeks. Doc wanted to put him on namenda and i asked him how are the two meds alike and he said similar so i asked why give it to him and he said honestly, it won't make any difference if you do or don't give namenda to him...........It has been about four weeks now and i notice changes in my husband's memory.......what can you say to this, please. I will to the the website you mentioned.

  2. Here is some information that may be helpful on someone else's website:

    What Are the Benefits of Aricept Vs. Namenda?


  3. I recently found a great article from the Association of Geriatric Psychiatry that talks in depth about the current treatments but also about neurologically what the target is. Aricept/ Exelon (donezapril) try and keep acetylcholine in the brain longer because Alzheimer's tends to start in the area of the brain that produces this chemical. In Vascular disease this is unlikely to be the underlying problem (Vascular disease can happen in any part of the brain, not necessarily in the areas producing acetylcholine. Namenda (mementine) works in a different way protecting healthy cells from toxic cascades of Glutimate (a neurotransmitter) that are released when damaged brain cells die. That is why it is used when cells are starting to die from Alzheimer's to hopefully reduce collateral damage but neither drug target the underlying Alzheimer's pathology. It may be worthwhile to discuss using Namenda with vascular disease but initial studies have not shown to be very effective.

  4. How do you deal with mom not wanting to live where she lives, same place for years, do you correct or just agree. Should you ever tell the truth or. Ignore

  5. I take care of both in laws and FIL has vascular dementia and my MIL has regular dementia and I can tell the difference


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