Friday, April 29

The Stress of Caring for Lewy Body Dementia

Teepa Snow giving a seminar

See why Lewy Body dementia (LBD) poses special caregiving challenges. Learn how LBD differs from Alzheimer's. Watch Teepa demonstrate unique stresses in caring for LBD.

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  1. Very good .enjoyed the talk.very help full.Thank you.

  2. Teepa, thank you for teaching this.. I took care of my Mom the last stage of her Alzheimer's, Dementia,? And after watching you. I see I did very good.. Was probably the Hardest but the Best thing I have ever done in my life.. You will be so much help to CarePartners of these special people.. if people ask me now if I speak another language, I say yes Alzheimer's,
    because its a whole other world.. I was blessed to be able to do this..

  3. Dear Teepa, I am really glad I found your talks, My Dad has Dementia now, and Mum and I are looking after him. It is really hard for Mum more than me because she has to get up with Dad during the night, so she doesn't get a good sleep. But we are both learning from your demonstrations. Thank you.

  4. this lady has clearly worked with people with dementia and has experience of the differing presentations. you cant get this unless you have been part of this. every dementia nurse will know this.


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