Sunday, January 19

Glen Campbell Stays Active, Keeps Playin'


Music legend Glen Campbell hasn't let his battle with Alzheimer's disease keep him from his music. His wife, Kim, tells USA TODAY about his life with the disease and his continued passion for music.

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  1. inspirational story of a positive focus on living, keeping active and enjoying music, singing and performing
    Glen Campbell still inspiring us.

  2. Keep playing Glen and Ill keep praying for you mate

  3. Glen I always enjoyed hearing you sing, even back in the 60"s. God Bless You for
    being a good example to others who have dementia and Alzheimer's. Stay strong
    and keep on singing and smiling. My husband is in the same condition @ 76 Yrs. of age and is in denial completely. I pray for all who is suffering with this.

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  5. Several months ago I read a story written by a lady pediatrician who's husband had Alzheimer's. She had done some extensive research in nutrition relative to Alzheimer's and found that in many cases the brain needed more quality fats to operate normally.She decided to try coconut oil as an supplement to his diet. After 3 or 4 months she noticed a marked improvement in his cognitive ability. He hadn't been talking for quite some time when she implemented the new diet and the first she noticed was that he began to speak to her again. Of course the progress was slow but the physician continued to see measurable improvement in her husband. I don't know what the eventual outcome was but this improvement alone would be worth trying her methods. I have discovered that there are many credible medical practitioners that have shown incredible improvements in many ailments when the proper nutritional support is accomplished. Drugs can be helpful but in many cases a diet of complete quality nutritional components in the right combination will often offer a better outcome and one with less if any side affects. It might even help Mr. Campbell. "Always do your own research) There's a World of information out there.

    1. Thanks for posting this. This message needs to reach more of those who are ailing, because our family has found the truth of this firsthand with other serious ailments. As Dr. Sherry Rogers says, "Disease is not a drug deficiency", and all too often that is the fix...drugs. A carefully designed diet of the right foods (and all organic if possible) can often be a huge part of healing from even the more serious disease.


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