Sunday, December 17

The Art of Holding Hands in Dementia


Instinctively, we GIVE a hand when we careGIVE. Teepa Snow and Leeza Gibbons show how it's much better to SHOW-THEN-OFFER that hand.

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Teepa Snow is a nationally acclaimed Alzheimer's and dementia care specialist. Teepa Snow teaches her students how a person with dementia perceives his/her world and how caregivers can best provide dignity and the best quality of life.

This video is an excerpt of a Teepa Snow seminar given for Senior Helpers.

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  1. Yes,I have to fully agree.Gaining co-operation,communication and overcoming resistance is so important and these stressful moments are quite often the most difficult for the care giver to cope with.I'm reaching a point thou where what ever I try is does not always work.At this point I leave the room or go to bed for an hour.When I come back the person has come out of their disturbance.


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