Wednesday, May 13

Set-And-Forget Pill Alarm & Dispenser


MedCenter Pill Dispenser thought of everything. Easy to set up and simple to use, it provides a pill-box for every day of the month. Four large compartments per pill-box hold 10 pills each (10 x 4). It keeps you covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner and going to sleep. Simple color-coded ends keep pills up-to-date and organized. Used empty boxes show red. Full boxes for today and upcoming days show green. MedCenter includes a sophisticated digital clock should you need it. In the early stages of dementia, leave it off. In more advanced stages, it works beautifully with up to 4 voice alarms. Each alarm can be programmed or turned off as needed. A push of the button announces date and time, normally or extra-loud. That can be a big bonus for people who forget the date or keep asking for the time.

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