Friday, January 14

Off-The-Shelf Technologies That Assist People with Dementia


Home computers and other easy-to-get devices can make such a difference in the life of people with dementia. Watch this video for some down-to-earth practical examples.

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  1. Thank you Jack York. I am a Life Enrichment Coordinator in a Clare Bridge Community in Farmington Hills, MI. I incorporate It's Never Too Late technologies in my daily activity plans as much as I can. Skeptical at first I have come to know the transforming power it has. Music, Skype, World Travel, The Arts, Sports, etc have brought my residents success and fulfillment. My personal connections with them grow deeper through this shared joy! Thank you.

  2. My husband cannot even turn a tap on to wash his hand let alone attend to himself at the toilet why do you glamorise dementia - let no one comment until they have looked after somebody for 2 or 3 years completely by themselves My husband cannot even turn on a computer !!

    1. I understand what you are saying completely. I to take care of my husband by myself and you have to live it to understand it.

    2. the same and getting worse with little help or hope.stay strong guys.

  3. My Mum is about to turn 100. She makes heaps more sense than my wife who has Alzheimer's disease and is only 64. I understand what Ollie T is saying. Karen can't use her mobile phone any more, no matter how many times I show her it is no different to using the landline handset. She can't cook, can't read much (and she was an a-grade English student, and a highly-regarded pharmacist) but she can dress herself and attend to her bathing and dressing. I have to drive her everywhere she needs to go. I understand.

    However, Jack Your has a great point : that technology MAY be used to make the lives of people like my Mum or wfe a bit easier. Nobody was suggesting the old people we saw could set up Skype by themselves : someone would have to do that, and, yes, it would take effort. But it is possible !

    Ian Bennett, Gosford, Australia

  4. Thankou Jack Y for informing the community of technologies that could be useful to help make life more fulfilling/enjoyable. I understand earlier comments, as I care for my partner by myself with no help. I'm lucky that I have emotional support from my family/friends...which helps my perspective/attitude for the long run. If I come across funny videos/emails, I will show them to my partner for some laughs...good for both of us. Yes, we will need help setting up some of the newer technologies...


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