Tuesday, May 9

My Mother, My Son


This true, refreshing mother-and-son Alzheimer's story is written by the leader of a 2,000 person assisted-care organization. Leaders in any field rarely display the bravery to put their real lives and their toughest experiences out there for all to see. The book is rich in valuable tips on Alzheimer's as well as the feelings and needs of caregivers. 100% of profits are donated. The biggest lesson, or permanent thought, is this: "Too often when people get sick in this country we refer to them as their disease: The cancer patient or the diabetic. We overlook the richness of experience and personality that underlies that person. We forget their life, their contributions. We forget what lives on in all the people around them. And this is never truer than when facing the reality of memory loss, when a person slowly recedes from the identity they've manifested for so long". There is great comfort and value in sharing stories and having stories shared with you when it comes to dealing with life's challenges - and a particularly good story is shared here.


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