Wednesday, November 9

Sweet Food, Bitter Pills & Dementia


What's tasty and what's not for people with Alzheimer's? Find out from Teepa Snow. Learn what to expect when medication is mixed with food. Turn meals into a real time for connecting.

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  1. Great video! I love how her sense of humor comes through to make difficult situations seem not so big. :) Thank you!

  2. That is exactly what I am now dealing with. four times a day the pill battle is on. I spend a lot of time crying in the bathroom because I have no options. the jam is a good ideal, maybe at breakfast...........on God knows the heartache of caring for a loved one 24/7 and the battle we fight.

  3. I just tried the Jam - it worked like a charm! Love the idea. Have done applesauce, pudding, ice cream. I have cried a thousand tears over dozens of problems. Teppa knows her stuff.

  4. Teepa Snow is wonderful. And yes, jam is the answer -- much easier to work with than apple sauce, pudding, ice cream, you name it. My husband always looked forward to his treat of strawberry jam. (Seedless, please, for loved ones with dentures.)

    Be sure to confirm that a pill can be crushed, though -- many cannot. There are other ideas for helping our loved ones take their medicines at:


  5. Some of the enteric coated pills like Epilem (sodium valproate) cannot be crushed but are available in a syrup which we give with a 10ml syringe.

  6. Great video as always. Your videos definitely made our lives easier. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Teepa,
    Thank you for your suggestions...I will try the jam in future. Presently, I mash a banana and mix a crushed blood pressure pill into banana into one little pile, then mix more of the banana with a crushed chewable probiotics (which has an orange flavor) into another little pile and then mix more of that one banana with crushed chewable vitamin c (which has orange flavor) and mix a bitter pill (crushed) with the crushed flavored vitamin c in the last pile ...I do these separate little banana piles with each different med/supplement so that I know what she has gotten...just in case she refuses to have the rest of the meds/supplements. Thank God this has worked very well until the present. I learned this from a situation while my mom was in the hospital and some different meds were mixed together (from what I recall) and then my mom only took some of the mixture and then they didn't know what my mom had taken/not taken. I've also have tried flavored Greek yogurt and have mixed an antibiotic (which came in capsule) into it and it worked.


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