Tuesday, January 11

Tips on Engaging Someone with Alzheimer's


Activities are a cornerstone to dementia health. See some great ideas on creating positive experiences for people with Alzheimer's.

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  1. Good vid,,,thank you

  2. Good video,however my experience and every person is different.is that keeping a person engaged is all consuming.Despite the fact we have a Care Plan,go out everyday to different activities with different people it seems it is not enough.I am up all day and kept awake most of the night now.There is not unlimited resources and only so much a person can do.

  3. Is it possible for transcripts of video's to be provided? It is sometimes difficult to view video's with a LO present.

    1. If you click on the video and then click on the word YOUTUBE in the lower-right-hand corner, it will take you to this video on YouTube's site. There, below the video there are options. If you are on a PC, there are 3 dots that give you more options when you click it. One of those extra options is a TRANSCRIPT. Click it and a transcript will appear alongside the video. Hope this helps.

  4. Coming from someone to cares for someone else with Alzheimers, everything you said here was spot on.


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