Sunday, June 15

Healthy Man Gets 1st Alzheimer's Prevention Infusion


The A4 Study uses the drug solanezumab in one of the most ambitious attempts yet to thwart Alzheimer's. The major clinical trial got underway Monday. See how this experimental drug may protect healthy seniors whose brains signal that they are at risk.

Associated Press

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  1. I pray this works for other family's, my family is going through this awful disease and it is worse then death.

  2. This would also be great for those with early onset Alzheimer's. I hope they are testing this drug for those as well. Since Alzheimer's disease can be hereditary, what about those of us that have a strong risk factor there, but are not yet considered elderly? Very thankful that these studies are being done.

  3. I sure hope that this works. If it does and could thorugh FDA safely, I will be in the line,.


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