Sunday, June 16

June Is Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month


Get the word out about Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month. Raise awareness of the Alzheimer's crisis, educate people on its realities, and help our world live better with dementia.

There are at least 44 million people worldwide living with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.

Despite its soaring prevalence, Alzheimer's disease is still largely misunderstood. The Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month is an opportunity to raise awareness of the Alzheimer's crisis and educate people on the realities of the disease.

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The Alzheimer's Association is asking everyone with a brain to join the purple movement this June and help protect our greatest assets.

Often thought of as minor memory loss, Alzheimer's is a fatal disease that kills nerve cells and tissue in the brain, affecting an individual's ability to remember, think and plan. As the disease advances, the brain shrinks dramatically due to cell death. Individuals lose their ability to communicate, recognize family and friends and care for themselves. 

This June, people around the world will honor the strength, passion and endurance of those facing Alzheimer's with a day of activity. Participants in The Longest Day® will complete activities ranging from running, cooking and knitting to playing cards. To join or start a team, visit alz.org/thelongestday

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