Sunday, July 6

Alzheimer's Research in the USA


Interested in Alzheimer's research? Then don't miss these Alzheimer's Disease Progress Report highlights. See why the NIH is America's center of dementia research.

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  1. Hello, "remarkable advances" he claims. "Enormous potentials" he proclaims. Three all world conferences, and one more scheduled in two years he reports. Wow! I respond. How many years will they be satisfied and not turn embarrassed for reporting the same could of, would of, should of results? I know it is their job to be positive. I know they want to promote hope. I know their jobs depend on it. But what of those who for twenty five years have been hanging on their every maybe, perhaps promises of a future of actual real advancements, a plan, a specific time table, a track, a growing consensus? Many of them have died, and those of us who have been hanging for a while are either ready to let go, or getting a little irritated at either them for saying these things over and over again, or ourselves for believing them over and over again. Time for us all to move on and get real. Richard


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