Sunday, July 13

I Don't Have to Live Like I Have Dementia


Terry and her daughter are facing dementia with a brilliant attitude. See them share their uplifting thoughts and feelings.

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  1. "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over ... it became a butterfly." What a wonderful sentiment!!! Thank you! -- Truthful Loving Kindness, a fellow-traveler on this young-onset road.

  2. What a beautiful woman terri is. She just glows a white light from her gentle soul. Her calm and steady maner, make her story meaningful. It truly is a blessing to spend time with people going through this. They are sort of nastalgic about their childhood and fun to talk and listen with them. The caregivers are not the only angels involved. I applaud the beautiful women and men, who struggle without caregivers. If i wasnt so debilitated by my own diseases, id be right there in the front line again. I do have one tool left, prayer.....yes i will always pray for the severe need of caretakers. I also pray for GOD to bring a few friends my way, im a good listener. Dispite what my husband says! Its just such a blessing to work with these precious souls....they will always give us more then we give them....peace


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