Monday, October 20

From Neuroradiologist To Artist: An Alzheimer's Journey


"Hope" is the story of Dr. Bill Garfinkle. See how he reinvented himself from neuroradiologist to artist after his diagnosis of Alzheimer's.

Bill Garfinkle was inspired to pursue art after meeting with local Glenside artist and educator Linda Ruth Paskell who continues to work with him regularly on projects.

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Painting has become a therapeutic release for Bill and during his process of rediscovering himself has created many paintings of various different subjects. His main focus is nature and abstraction. He works often with various bright and brilliant use of color.

Bill's unique way of getting to the focus and essential of each painting makes for a very diverse collection of paintings and creative projects. His wife Marcia has proudly stood by him during this amazing transformation and is always finding new wall spaces to hang his growing collection of paintings. As Linda has so wonderfully put it "We need as human beings to separate art and see it as creativity and recognize it as an integral part of life and learning and communicating and healing rather than an isolated discipline for a specific group of people who have art degrees."

Following Linda's advice Bill has found a new sense of hope and purpose in life.

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