Wednesday, May 27

Kim Campbell Discusses Glen's Stage 6 Alzheimer's


Glen Campbell's wife Kim shares the real story of how her husband is doing in the sixth stage of Alzheimer's.


Glen Campbell Strums On in Stage 6 Alzheimer's

The Glen Campbell Alzheimer's Movie Trailer: "I'll Be Me"

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  1. Christina DutkewichWed May 27, 08:41:00 PM EDT

    God Bless you Glen , I lost my brother to this disease back in June 2014. It's a terrible terrible disease . <3

  2. We were able to create many "do you remember" moments with my Mama. She lived with us the last six years of her life. It seemed like I lost a little more of her everyday. But in the last years, she loved getting kisses from her grandchildren, eating our freshly baked cookies, catching fish from her wheel chair, and me tucking her in every night with a kiss, and an "I love you mama". These are what carry me through my tough days....

  3. May God Bless Mr Campbell and his caregivers.

  4. I was divorced but my mother in law remained a very good friend and I was so touched that she never forgot who I was until the final stage. It's such a terrible disease but if you can manage to accept whichever stage of their life they are living each day it is easier on yourself and be gentle with explanations if you don't


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