Sunday, November 30

Can Aricept Help Advanced-Stage Alzheimer's?


Aricept® (also sold generically as donepezil) is the world's most popular drug for Early-stage Alzheimer's. How can it help in Advanced-stage Alzheimer's?

  • William A. Van Horn, MD

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  1. If the resident will not take their meds, then it would make sense to stop Aricept. If the resident will take their meds, it can't hurt anything.

    My next question is how much does it affect their quality of life still being on it? These are the agitated, screaming, combative residents. I'm finding it very difficult to believe that Aricept makes that much of a difference with those residents. I've had residents in late stage Alzheimers who were severely agitated who were still on Aricept who had no changes in behavior while on it vs. when they wouldn't take their meds.


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