Thursday, July 23

Debby Campbell on Glenn's Stage 6 Alzheimer's


Legendary Glen Campbell's eldest daughter, Debby, just finished her book, "Life With My Father Glen Campbell". See her explain why Glenn should be with family and not in a care home, despite his advanced Alzheimer's. Hear Glenn's wife, Kim, explain the other side of this difficult coin. Then watch a clip of Glenn crooning "A Better Place" from his grand finale album.

Debby Cambell's book, "Life With My Father Glen Campbell", is on Amazon.

In this next video, see Glenn Campbell sing, "A Better Place", from his final album:

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  1. Rather than disagreeing with his wife's decision she should be supporting her. It is obvious, by her comments, that she does not understand the disease and should use her energy to get herself educated.

  2. His daughter's comments don't strike me as someone with 24/7 caregiver experience - If she lived with the daily Stage 6 & beyond care requirements she might better understand the facility is appropriate

  3. Speaking as someone who cared for my husband at home until he died of end-stage Alzheimer's ... I must agree with L John and Casa de Corbin. My heart goes out to Kim for having the courage and compassion to do what's best for her husband. It's hard enough to have to make a decision like that, without criticism -- highly public criticism, no less -- from other members of the family. They should, as L John says, be offering support instead.

  4. I would not displace any person that is familiar with his/her surroundings and people that they "know" even though you may think they do not "know" or remember you. If he is comfortable and relates in any way to where he lives and has a steady flow of people that love and care for him..I say keep him where he is most comfortable and happy. Just my opinion.

  5. He should be in his home not in a nursing home.

  6. As the sole caregiver of my husband during "our" journey with Alzheimer's, I would like to say thank you to M. Gillis and Anonymous for their comments. It's true that the patient is better off in their own surroundings, the pretty cardinals that fly out of the fig trees every afternoon. When the day comes he is impossible to care for, such being combative and other issues Mrs. Campbell shared, I will do what is best for him, not my convenience. I am most definitely in daughter Debbie's corner.


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