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Do You Know What My Name Is?


I thought there was no cure for dementia. Until a year ago.

SENDAI, Japan--()--Feature documentary film, “Do You Know What My Name Is?” produced by Sendai Television Inc., is being released this week simultaneously in New York and Los Angeles.

The film depicts an emotional real life drama of how a “dementia improvement program” was implemented in Ohio. This program, which was developed through brain science research in Japan, helped patients on the verge of losing their will to live to reconnect with their families.

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Learning Therapy

This movie follows the United States trials of the "Learning Therapy" method of dementia treatment. In 2002, both the Japan Science and Technology Agency and Socio-technical Research Center adopted the "Learning Therapy" research proposal as a public research Project.


The film received numerous recognitions including the “Audience Favorite International Film” at the “American Documentary Film Festival” held in Palm Springs, the “Award of Merit” at the “Berlin International film Awards”, and the “Honorable Mention” at the “Los Angeles Movie Awards”.


“Do you know what my name is?” For a year now, asking this question has been my daily task. The people I ask: women who have three times the life experience as I do.

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My name is John. I work at nursing home for the elderly in Ohio, where I have been for the past year. With an average age of 80, the residents here spend twilight years in quiet comfort, many living with Alzheimer's disease.

Still without a cure, Alzheimer's disease robs its victims of their memory, their pride, and at times even their will to live. But what if simple reading, writing and calculating could counteract some of the effects of this disease?

For example, Evelyn, 94, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease 2 years ago. At first she could not write her own name, and had difficulty communicating, but 4 months into the therapy program, she has rediscovered her interest in knitting.

This documentary pursues the answers to what it means to live a happy life, and what may be considered a truly happy conclusion to that life.

Opens December12th-18th, 2014 at these theaters:

Quad Cinemas, NY
34 W 13th St New York, NY 10011
Phone number: (212) 255-2243

Laemmle’s Town Center 5, CA
17200 Ventura Blvd Encino, CA 91316
Phone number: (818) 981-9811



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  1. How can I help my mother who is 75 years old and living with Alzheimer's? I miss my momma so much. I want to do everything I can to help her!


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