Thursday, January 14

Thought of the Week: Grandest Intention


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  1. My brother was diagnosed with the last stages of dementia over 6 years ago. He had 5 bypasses', prior to this he was having mini strokes. My sister and I are feeding him 3 times a day giving him 2 of both immodium and pepto bismol, and he still has diarhea all the time, he has rages prior to sundown, and tracks poop all through his house. We have to bribe him to take showers, and even have a hospital chair in the shower. We urinates all over himself/and poops too. The VA said don't bring him back (psyhyiatrist) because out of a 30, our brother was below a 7 in dementia. He repeats everything over and over. We are at wits end, My sister and I are both 60 and above, and this is killing us. We don't know what to do.


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