Sunday, March 20

Helping a Person with Dementia to Clean Their Teeth


Tooth brushing in dementia can involve a number of tricky details. Anticipating needs is all it takes to make it easy to brush teeth. See dozens of tips to help people with dementia keep their mouth, breath and teeth clean and fresh.

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  1. Great Info. Well presented. Simple steps, yet informative. Too often, oral care is not maintained, which is a missed opportunity that impacts negatively, for all the reasons you mention. Bravo!

  2. Fabulous informative video - sensitive to the needs, dignity, and present orientation of the Person and provides ways to approach oral care from a person centered perspective - and gives the caregiver foundation of understanding from which to draw from, as opposed to becoming frustrated and tabling for another day. The point about when to do it - even at non-ordinary times and in non-ordinary places like at a kitchen table or when the person is ready vs the time of day - is something that is not always thought about or brought out. This is a wonderful informative video made with true care for all involved.

  3. We struggle with my Mom not being able to understand to spit out and she swallows the toothpaste. How harmful is this for her.

  4. Use children's Toothpaste

  5. It is great information to follow through. I showed my Dad how to rinse his month by demonstration that he can follow

  6. I brushed Mom's teeth for her - and sometimes - she wouldn't know how to spit either. I took her to the dentist for her regular checkups until she couldn't follow directions very well. (Dentist advised - using childrens toothpaste - BUT - even if they swallow regular toothpaste at times - it's not that bad on their overall health - IT's better to help them brush - regardless of swallowing the toothpaste - THAN NOT TO BRUSH …. NOT brushing or TRYING to keep their mouth clean - can cause more serious problems for them .


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