Friday, May 19

The Reel Truth: Senior's Home Abuse Caught on Camera


How trustworthy are care facilities? While care professionals tend to be outstanding, self-sacrificing, hard-working and compassionate, even one careless moment can quickly snowball into elder abuse. Watch this true story.

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  1. I totally agree on cameras for the elder care...also if a sign was posted saying Camera in Use...that would give caregivers a 'heads up' that they are being watched!

  2. I sure hope she sued the daylinghts out of this senior home!!!!

  3. h my mom was just put in a nursing home two of her roomates are slaming doors just treating my mom terribly i don't know what to do but they have there memorie my mother has dementia she s at medowpark i need assistance for this matter what can I do?

    1. Get her moved out of that room or facility. She needs to be in a nursing home that handles dementia patients.

    2. Look for a home run by the Carmalite Nuns! Their care is phenomenal. Don't know where you live but my mom was in "Ozanam Hall" in Bayside Queens NY and I always felt content with the care!

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  5. Elder abuse us alive and well regarding the elderly. I left the business world a few years ago to work with the elderly, i loved them , As a child i would hang out with them instead of children,.i worked in Home Health, I went to a home one day there was a Alzheimer's patient in bed soaked in urine, she was so confused and afraid, this was at a policeman home, there was a lady there i had to ask for washcloth and a towel to bathe her, i went straight back to the office and complained, the office sent 911 out there when no one was home with her, cut her clothes off they was so wet, took her to the hospital , she died a few days later, pure murder, the county took her son to court, lo and behold, the judge threw the case out, i have went to homes behind other caregivers, the person would say about the other caregiver , they are mean, one person who required 24 hour care told me that they they would go to their rooms and lock the door , she would not see them again till the next day, Lots of people from other countries come here take the CNA course and it does not take long, they get a job with health care agencies, they do not give a Dam about old people, just a job, please if your loved one is in a home or being cared for at home, Place a camera where they are, some of these caregivers smile in your face and seem to just love your mom or Dad, Different stroy behind your back, please beware of Abusers, they are out there

  6. I am an RN in a nursing home & cannot believe family was not notified with each fall/incident of possible injury with DQI/COC/Neuro ck. write ups and either x-rays not ordered or resident not sent to hospital to be checked out with these types of incidents. Facility should be closed down. Our state regs. r so strict that we would be suspended until incidents investigated in next 24-48hrs. and if found guilty we would not be allowed to return to work (fired).

  7. My mother was treated just like this if not worst. she also had dementia and I'm still furious at those staff members. They treated her like a queen in front of you but when you turn your back they mistreated her. Most of those people are not professional you had some good,bad and ugly. God will get justice for how they treated my mom I have pictures and I do plan to seek legal action. My mother passed away 11 months ago.

    1. Everybody that has family members in the nursing home don't just leave them their go and check on them you have some family who put their parents or relatives in these homes and never go back to check on them. And this a crying shame. You must check on your family members if they have any living.

  8. This is happening in many senior homes with people having Alzheimer's. Any people caught doing this should be jailed for a minimum of 20 years. An example has to be sent in order to stop this. If the people running these homes are not happy with their job they should quit....not injure innocent people. YOU WILL BE CAUGHT.

  9. Wondering why the daughter didn't take her home,, smh

  10. I run an Alzheimer's/Dementia unit and I sneak in on all shifts and listen to how the residents are spoken to. I walk in to the room on care/ showers/ baths. And what I hear is my staff tucking a resident in bed and saying "I love you", I hear staff informing the resident even that they will hit a small bump in the hallway where the floor changes. I see the hugs, kiss on the cheek and the creativity in getting the residents to cooperate with a bath or change. My staff are my second line of defense. They love this residents so much that if a caregiver as much as pulls on the residents arms instead of using gait belt they turn them in. I'm not saying stuff doesn't happen, but some homes are looking for and dealing with it. It makes me extremely sad to hear other homes are not. Especially with Dementia because they can't tell you what hapoened. We have an open door policy and family can be here anytime of the day or night. If they see something concerning, they tell us. Look for a home like that. I would say come here, but we stay full with a waiting list.

  11. My grandma was an Alzheimer patient and I was her care taker since 8 years. She flew to heaven on 15-December-2014. They need your love and care please do care for them at your home do not send them to old age homes. Love them and live with them. Be the reason for their happiness. They are living Angels. Feel proud to have them with you

  12. My Mother had excellent care and I was kept informed of everything.
    lots of items were missing from her room.....including most of her jewelery including her wedding ring. Books ,ornaments. And things that. We're not hers where the residents swap with each other. Every drawer cupboard and pocket had packets of jam , sugar, and better which most people with dementia collect. . But the care was excellent

  13. I personally think the "protection" offered by cameras is very much a two way street - yes we all realise the value of catching abuse of the elderly before it escalates but it is also a protection STAFF. Those living with dementia can and often do state things that are not so, as being fact e.g. I've had nothing to eat for days (when you've watched full and generous meals being consummed) I never do ANYTHING - they just leave me in my room all day (when they are one of the most active and regular attendees) Yes.....bring in the cameras and protect both residents AND STAFF

  14. Since the patient is a residence at the nursing home they should have the same rights that a person has in their own home to use a camera. I also feel the camera needs to be hidden so that the view isn't blocked.

  15. I work as a carer, in a nursing home.
    I love my job.
    I love the residents.
    We have a a fantastic team of staff.
    Wouldn't phase me if there was cameras.
    If i saw or heard anything un toward to an elder , shit would hit the fan!

  16. I think if the nursing homes were better staffed a lot of these things would not happen. I work at a nursing home with 33 residents on each floor and during the day there are 4 PSWs working and in the evening 3 PSWS, on nights 2 PSWs on each floor. Please tell me how it is possible to offer all of these residents proper care with such few people? The fall and in the way it was handled in this video is completely unacceptable but some of the other things mentioned by the residents daughter in the video like her clothes are put over her nighty on her bath day? I would like to mention that each resident is entitled to 2 baths per week so its not like this would happen frequently but this is something that has to be done so that all of the residents can go to bed on time. 3 people getting 33 residents ready for bed between 6 PM and 9 PM is IMPOSSIBLE. Sometimes we need to shortcut like this until we have enough staff to provide all of these residents with proper quality care. I'm sure she would have been much more pissed off if she came to the nursing home at 10 PM and her mother was still sitting in her wheelchair since 5 pm (the last meal time). Not to mention that we have sick calls and sometimes are left with 2 staff in the evening for 33 residents...... so there's so much more to it than this video.

  17. As both a family member of former loved ones and a long time professional caregiver and former CNA in nursing homes, I'm appalled that this obviously strong caregiver was so ill trained in safe transfer. A well trained and credited CNA would have been able to safely transfer this little lady into the bed by pivot in a way that would have been gentle and respectful and it would have been much faster as well. We were taught and used techniques for every type of body weakness and condition that allowed for dignity and total safety. It is not okay to handle people like this. This video enrages me.

  18. should I sue my schooling for teaching me the wrong way to spell real reel ... ?

  19. Last week I moved my mom out of a beautiful new facility because of abuse. Falls that only occurred in her bedroom unwitnessed. So many bruises and arm abrasions and when they appeared on her jaw bilaterally, I knew without a doubt that she was a victim of reckless care and likely abuse. We are all happier now that we moved her to a place where love and compassion are in full operation. We talked about cameras but never did it. If I had, I would have gone public. this is the only way to document and be believed. I reported all the way to the corporate level and to licensing. We had to move her to protect her.

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