Wednesday, April 22

I Have Dementia, But Dementia Doesn't Have Me


This is not a story about dementia. This is a story about Liz.

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  1. What a wonderful way to look at Dementia. I deeply admire this lady for being strong and not let it take over her life. She is how we should all be and be positive. I wish my mum had her strength even now.

    1. My name is Ann and my husband lived with Alzheimer's for 7 years and I was his care giver in our home only because of the sustaining grace and strength from God.. Did he ask for it no and he only asked for one thing..treat me as the same person for I am and I strived to do that. Alzheimer's does not give you permission to decide I will not let it take over my life for it does take over every being of your life sadly to say. Know your Mum done her best for that's all one can do living with this devastating disease. Liz may have written this in the beginning but know if she had Alzheimer's sadly her life would have been changed forever. I lost my beloved to this disease and I done my very best to treat him as the same person for to me he was always my beloved Alzheimer's can' take away what is in the heart and soul one is just not able to share that as before. I ask if your loved one has any form of dementia try and see moments of joy in ones day..just that twinkle in your loved ones eye or the touch of their hand in yours will be your treasures in your tomorrows..know that. Everyone please pray for a cure..thank you...Ann

  2. "I have dementia; dementia doesn't have me."

    Words that all of us diagnosed with any type of dementia can make our motto!

  3. Wonderful lady. I have just got the library. It is very funny and more people should look at peoples individuality and life story and embrace their strengths. I am studying dementia care and hope to work with people very soon but if not atleast I will be there for my family if needed.

  4. My husband had Alzheimer's for 12 years. I documented his decline . Two books by Deane Johnson, "I'll Be Seeing You & Steel Love". I know the books help families. The first book has sold every month since 2011. Steel Love is only 5 months published. This book is the last five years before God took Joe. That was a gift for him and the family. Deane Johnson............please spread the word about the books.

  5. What a lovely lady! It's so inspiring to see a person with dementia in such a good spirit. I am sure her disposition will really help her stay happy and functional for a long time.

    I myself have mild cognitive impairment. I am also trying to keep up my spirit and live my life as normally as possible. In order to help me do so, I have been doing a lot of research and implementing many of my findings. I have developed a website livingwithmci.com to share my findings and experiences. Those people who are still at an early stage of dementia, might be interested in having a look. I would love to exchange opinions with them.


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