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Clear & Simple Dementia Dayclock


See BBC News on Bath Institute of Medical Engineering 's Dayclock for people with dementia.

For people with a dementia such as Alzheimer's, a day-clock is much more than a convenience. In early stages, it's easy to lose track of time. In the middle stages of Alzheimer's, a loved one may drift into the past. In such as case, a well-placed day-clock keeps a person oriented and in the present. Any serious memory loss naturally results in a person asking, "Is it morning or afternoon?" or "What day is today?" over and over again. Day clocks always have the answer, patiently and conveniently, no matter how quickly a person forgets.

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Day Clocks

There are a variety of "Day Clocks" available which emphasize the day of the week. Some display the day of the week, while others also tell you whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or night, and still more combine the day of the week with the time of day. Here are illustrations of all 3 types:

Main features of the Digital Day Clock

  • Clear and Simple Display of Time
  • Works well at night and in the day
  • Plug and Play straight from the box (Date requires set-up)
  • Tamper proof button sequencing to eliminate accidental interference
  • Keeps track of the correct time even when on standby
  • Maintenance free usage
  • Optional Corner lights for prominent night time use
  • 12 months warranty

  • BBC News

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