Thursday, June 2

Joking with Alzheimer's


Social skills, including light conversation and joking around, are often long-lasting skills in Alzheimer's. Can tapping these skills boost mood, improve behavior and beat back dementia? See what The University of Washington has to say about it.

  • University of Washington

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  1. My understanding is that smiling, being helpul, making positive small talk, making small jokes and similar releases good chemicals in our brains and bodies. Even before I became a Caregiver to Mom with AD, practiced that. Once in the roll of 24/7/365, made sure to smile and make jokes and small talk [and larger talks] with her. It sure made it easier, as she responded to that. One retort I had was: "Mom, you would not have allowed me to get away with that when I was a kid!!". I was not being mean. Over time and experimenting found what I could say and would modify what I would say as the Disease progressed. But Mom liked the smiling, the positive reinforcements and small jokes all the way to the end.

  2. My husband and I often joke about the things I get mixed up and the crazy things I say sometimes as a result of my dementia. I think a little levity between partners is a good thing, but I would never joke about the seriousness of this disease with others outside of my dementia world.


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