Sunday, April 12

Namenda for Alzheimer's Back in Court


Will pharmacies run out of Namenda-IR® for Alzheimer's? Namenda's manufacturer is appealing for their right to pull it from pharmacy shelves. This would force patients who have not stocked up on Namenda-IR® to switch to Namenda-XR®. Will this be better for patients, or just more expensive?

With last September's announcement of "Judge Ends Shortage of Namenda-IR for Alzheimer's," it seemed like the battle over Namenda was over. But this week, the company is appealing for their right to pull Namenda-IR off the market, despite an earlier court decision that this was not in the best interest of patients. (To understand what this 1.5 billion dollar fight is all about, go to Namenda Sued for "Forced Switch" of Alzheimer's Drug.) It seems like the manufacturer, called Actavis, is not giving up so easily. CNBC reports:

  • CNBC

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  1. Is there information about how this new med works for Alzheimer's patients compared to Aricept?

    1. Namenda and Aricept are 2 very different drugs for Alzheimer's that work in different ways, so it is hard to compare them. To really understand the basics of those differences, check out this video of an Advanced Seminar on Dementia Medications.


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