Thursday, August 18

Forever Remember Me As Loving You


This elegant film-short beautifully portrays love's endurance despite Alzheimer's.

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  1. Beautiful & very real. We can only hope to be so lucky to have found or be this in love with our soulmate.

  2. My mom and dad are truly soul mate's. Mom mother will never abandoned my farther. I no despite his illness he loves her dearly as much as she loves him. I am so fortunate to have such loving parents. This video flash back a recent memory that I was able to share with them on May 29th 2015 in New York at my son wedding, there only grandchildren, there first. Dance.have have not seen this in such a very long time. It will be in beaded I'm my heart forever. It was a lovely trip despite my father having Alzheimer's and it's been many yrs. Since his return to New York.I want to end this bye thanking my mom for being such a loving, caring person. Love the both of you. Love your daughter Velma Vadell Torres, who resides in Puerto Rico with them.

  3. Very emotional watching this but it is beautiful xx


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