Sunday, October 31

Glen Campbell & The Mayo Clinic


Glen Campbell's movie, "I'll Be Me", is much more than superstars, great music & Alzheimer's. It is an educational tour of Alzheimer's medicine, technology and doctors. Join The Mayo Clinic in exploring its starring role in this major motion picture.


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  1. Why doesn't the Alzheimer's foundation teach people how to test the patients at home? Using the MMSE test is how the neuroligst use it every time a patient comes into their office.http://alzheimers.about.com/od/testsandprocedures/a/The-Mini-Mental-State-Exam-And-Its-Use-As-An-Alzheimers-Screening-Test.htm?utm_term=mmse%20test&utm_content=p1-main-1-title&utm_medium=sem&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=adid-3023c347-698e-4ef0-b448-75289c690a5d-0-ab_gsb_ocode-12546&ad=semD&an=google_s&am=broad&q=mmse%20test&dqi=MMSE%2520study&o=12546&l=sem&qsrc=999&askid=3023c347-698e-4ef0-b448-75289c690a5d-0-ab_gsb.
    You can help your loved one by extending there life with the disease. My wife is in her 13th year with now in the seventh stage. Harold Weisberg


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