Thursday, April 7

A Simple Way to Ease the Stress of Dementia Care


THE STRESS of dementia on caregivers is unique. See Teepa Snow shine her special light on what to do about the stress.

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  1. That was an eye opener and hit close to home---right on target, actually. thank you!!!!!

  2. "We talked about that." Oh, how many times have I said that? I am trying to only tell him (husband) just before we are to do anything or go anywhere so he doesn't have time to argue and just says, "OK." It works better and I'm not stressed and he is able to be 'in the minute' and accept that things are getting taken caer of by me. Thanks for the reminder that we remember, not them.

  3. Thanks for sharing the video. I am sure it can help many family caregivers learn about the details of seniors with dementia and how to properly handle their everyday activities.

    About me: My name is John Doe, & I'm a writer at Home Care Assistance of Cleveland.

  4. I am a dementia caregiver to my husband; I wrote "Boosting Joy: In The Grips of My Alzheimer’s Caregiver Journey" to educate, inform, and encourage others. www.eunicelsykes.com


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