Wednesday, July 27

Hey, Honey, I Forgot I Have Alzheimer's!


B. Smith's versatile career spans decades. It includes modeling, owning popular restaurants and hosting her own TV show. After receiving a heartbreaking diagnosis of early-onset-Alzheimer’s, she and Dan Gasby, her husband of more than two decades, are determined to live every day fully and lovingly. Their focus? B. has become a key figure in raising public awareness about the degenerative disease. “In the beginning, when it was, you know, starting to happen to me, I didn’t get it.” B. says. “But then I decided that I’m going to get it and I’m going to fight. And we’re going to continue to grow where we are.”

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  1. That's absolutely wonderful! I am happy that she lives with support from her husband and in a beautiful home. What about the ones who have never been married, have no children and are alone and poor? I applaud her for fighting, but I am concerned about the lonely, confused people with no one to help them. Thank you for sharing this btw ��

  2. Our "health care system is so bad! Only those w the money to do so can fight Alzheimer's Disease as these two do. Others are overcome with distress and exhaustion! As indicated, decline can be fast---or slow. If slow it drains financial as well as human resources!!

    1. I agree Jan, the distress and exhaustion can be overwhelming. Money makes a huge difference!

  3. I pray research is frantically looking for some magical answers. This disease destroys families: emotionally, financially, and physically! We lost both our parents to this monstrous disease.


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