Monday, February 1

New B. Smith Book is Love Story & Alzheimer's Fight


When restaurateur, TV host and model B. Smith was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she became a public face in fighting the disease. See her on The Today Show discussing her new book, Before I Forget. Read the book's forward written by Dr. Rudi Tanzi, the world's top Alzheimer's researcher.

B. Smith is battling it bravely alongside her husband and caregiver, Dan Gasby. This month, B. and Dan released Before I Forget, a book which shares their story, along with advice and hope for other families dealing with Alzheimer's.

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Dr. Rudy Tanzi, chair of the Cure Alzheimer's Fund Research Consortium, penned a foreword to Before I Forget that gives the reader a broader picture of Alzheimer's and how the disease affects the brain.

Read the foreword here. (PDF)

We hope that this book, along with B. and Dan's other activities, will help to increase awareness of Alzheimer's and get more people involved in the effort to find a cure.

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  • Cure Alzheimer's Fund

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