Friday, January 22

People with Alzheimer's React to "Drop in on Friends with Alzheimer's"


Last week, Alan Beamer's impassioned Alzheimer's video to friends went viral. It quickly got the attention of a half-million views. Today, a group of people with dementia offer their heartfelt response to Alan. See this video challenging the problem of friends dropping away after a diagnosis of dementia. It confronts the stigma of dementia head on.

Watch the video below to see people with dementia expressing their feelings, gratitude and thoughts on Alan Beamer's hugely popular Alzheimer's "shout-out" for companionship. To see the original video, click here for, "Drop in on Friends with Alzheimer's".

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  • Laura Bowley

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  1. One of the things you can do for an alzheimer patient is to practice over learned skills. It helps with agitation. Ultimately, helps caregiver.
    If Savy caregiver classes are nearby...caregivers take these classes. VERY


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