Thursday, June 10

4 Doctors on Caregiver Burnout


Caregiving takes a real toll physically, emotionally and financially. 4 doctors & 3 authors offer tips on caring for caregivers.

  • Second Opinion with host Dr. Slago

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  1. You can write all the books you want about caregiving. No book will teach common sense or compassion. My wife of 68 years has had Dementia and Alzheimer's since 2002. I have interviewed over 200 caregivers during the 14 years. My head caregiver has 27 years experience and she trains those who help her care for my wife 24/7. My wife is in stage seven under hospice care also. During her earlier years we gave her the MMSE exam every moring after breakfast. We watched it go from 29 to 0 during the 14 years. She understands what is going on but she is unable to speak what is on her mind. Some nights she sings songs that her grandparents sang to her. We have kept her from going into the embronic stage by giving her acupunture along with a physical trainer. Also message therapy. If that is in any books please post it so I can share. Thanks
    Harold Weisberg

    1. Thank you for your comment and ideas. My husband is 5.5 plus years into Lewy Body at 61 today. We don't have any resources to hire caregivers. I am way past caregiver burnout my doctor says but where do you turn? His elderly mother has abundant resources but refuses to help until or unless I pass...She is the female version of Scrooge. Then she may put him in a home, not even memory care. I want to know where are the resources for us all. Is there any way his mother has a legal obligation to help since her moral compass and compassion meter are missing? God bless you. I understand. The experts do not, unless and until they live through it.

  2. I wish you would also publish transcripts. You cover many topics I am interested in, but I don't enjoy watching videos, and there are many situations where it is not possible to watch a video where I could easily read an article.

    1. I agree with Ellen Please publish transcripts.

  3. I agree completely with all the points that y'all made on this video.

    One 'hot' topic that wasn't mentioned in this video is the topic of finances, and financial planning. I believe with a strong passion that it's something that should be addressed. What will the FINANCIAL future look like, not just for the person being cared for, but for the caregiver as well? And Yes, there are plenty of services and support out there to help us when we feel overwhelmed; however, these services, support groups etc. They cost a heck of a lot of money! Medications, too, are a ton of money, as well as doctor visits; and a person who doesn't have a good health insurance plan that will pay for the doctor visits, and the medications, etc., is up the creek!


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