Tuesday, June 7

Diet, Alzheimer's & The Nigerian Paradox


The Nigerian Paradox wonders: Why are Alzheimer’s rates low in Nigeria, despite dangerous rates of "the Alzheimer’s gene" (ApoE4)? Does Nigeria's diet hold the key?

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  1. Yes we can reduce our risk of Alzheimer's through our diet, however it isn't about cholesterol. There may be a different explanation for why the Nigerians have low levels of Alzheimer's. Yes it is their diet. Their diet is most likely high in silica and secondly their diet doesn't expose them to high levels of aluminum. Someone needs to do look at this. Research has reached a tipping point and Aluminum is the cause of Alzheimer's.

  2. There is no magic bullet diet. Diet can reduce your risk of Alzheimer's but not eliminate the risk. I have concluded that people should try to abandon the American diet that is full of red meat, artificial sweeteners, and all kinds of food that does not contribute to your health. This is why people in Japan, Europe, etc outlive Americans. I have decided to limit my red meat to two meals per month. However, I also decided to eat at expensive steak houses for those two glorious steak meals because I also need to enjoy life. The rest of my meals will be healthy plant-based, low fat, low sodium, low cholesterol, low artificial preservatives and sweeteners and then take my chances. I look forward to enjoying two glorious steaks with family and friends every month.

  3. I'm homozygous for APOE4 and have been eating a whole food plant based diet for almost 12 years.
    A science based resource re: steps to implement this eating pattern can be found here: https://nutritionfacts.org/healthkit/
    And don't forget about the power of regular exercise as well:


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